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ITALY | Wednesday, 14 July 2010 | Views [482] | Comments [2]

Yesterday we went to the beach again this time bringing my father. We had a great time and had an idea to send my mom with my friend who wants to come August 5th. So we are making some calls and sending out the message to everyone to try and convince my mom to come. I'm sure she would love to come with my friend once she gets over the initial shock of saying yes. Later on we would travel to the Amalfi coast because my friend is obsessed with going there and know my mom would adore it. The beach really takes a lot out of my father and I and when we returned I was wiped out from the sun. Usually at night after my cousin gets out of work (around 12) he picks me up and we meet up with his friends. Its fun to hang out with the locals and people watch. This time I went to bed and left a message on the magna doodle (like a etch-a-sketch) for him not to wake me. That was the first night I stayed in and finally woke up at my usual time at 8am. The past other days I was sleeping until 11 or 12! The days are hot and long here with not much to do. I'm passing the time spending it with my 4 year old second cousin who does not sit still or stop talking for 5 seconds! She is the cutest kid ever and def. a handful for my cousin Anna (Adriano's sister) because in addition to taking care of her, she has her sick bed ridden mother to attend, work full time as a nurse and is going to school for her 2nd masters degree. I'm very very impressed. Here is a Pic of my cousins kid (nicknamed Pipi (peepee) calze lungo...pipi long stockings cause shes kinda a of a terror)

Dad and I walked down to town and found a electronics store and between the two of us asking questions, explaining what we want, and the clerk looking all over the store for stuff that I dont think even existed, think we drove the poor guy bonkers- then not buying a single thing. I am def. my fathers son.

I'm losing my mind because I spent 20 minutes searching for my 2 small bars of soap so I could shower before dinner. One is a body bar, the other a face bar. I don't leave them in the bathroom because I'm hoping they will last me 3-4 months. I search my room where it is usually placed, nothing..in my dads room..nothing. In the bathroom under the sink? no. In my room again under the bed? No..in my bags..no, I know they fell out the window when my dad tried opening it.. I look down to the street...No...whats going on? I'm losing my mind! Its about 95 degrees, no air conditioning and everyone is waiting downstairs for me to shower.  I'm searching and searching and searching and decide its been stolen.  That's the only logical solution. Who wouldn't want my Burts beez organic body bar and my oatmeal face bar from America right? I didn't see anything like them here at the store..could it have been the lady that helps my cousin with chores today? I mean she is related to them but I don't know her.I saw her doing some sweeping and mopping around the bathroom. Its hot. I'm sweating wanting to take a cold shower. I'm sick that someone stole my soap. What is going on? Is that is under my dirty T-shirt where I usually leave my soap..Found it.

Now showering in Italy is a whole story all in itself. It's not like showering in the states where you turn on the water, jump in the shower and half your hands free to lather up, because there is no shower curtain, and no wall mounted shower sticking out of the wall. Its a big deep tub against the wall, with a long cord connected to the sprayer that sits on the faucet like the old days, but its common here for the today days. I'm so confused how to stand and hold the shower wand and also lather and rinse with out making a mess of water all over the floor. My hair needs to be soaked and lathered and rinsed. The first few times I create a small ocean on the floor and I soak it up with a towel. I do some investigating with people on how the proper way to bathe and its a series of sitting, rinsing, putting the sprayer down, standing and only rinsing your lower half, sitting, rinsing.. up down up down. You think I was doing Yoga or something, especially down ward dog when rinsing my hair. I got It. I'm pretty good now. Little to no mess. I'm adapting fine.

We are all using disposable plastic tiny Dixie cups for our beverages. That's driving me nuts. A) Im into the whole green thing, B) all I want is to be super sized so I can fill it once and be done with it. Everyday I put my name on one so I can re-use it and everyday I find it gone. I open the cupboard and there's more little tiny glasses. Ity bitty teeny weeny glasses (we call them shot glasses lol) So I'm constantly refilling my Dixie. The people are short, the cars are compact and the drinking cups are tiny. So enjoy that next drink you have and take a nice long sip for me :)



From what you write, I guess that in Italy they don't believe in recycling much. I know what a challenge it is to take a shower over there...we are so spoiled here and we don't even know it! Keep writing and have fun!

  Lisa Jul 14, 2010 6:03 AM


Hi cuz....wish i was there....sounds like you a adjusting....you are creating great memories..... Tell the family we send our love...the stimma's in Rhode Island

  suzanne tessaglia Jul 15, 2010 8:50 AM

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