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New Zealand | Friday, 5 July 2013 | 5 photos

I got my first camera on a trip with my grandma as a child, and instantly started taking pictures. I don't remember it, but my grandma recently recalled that I liked taking photos of "old stuff". And I still do. I like objects that are worn off, objects that would have a story to tell. I also enjoy wild landscapes. In both cases, I always want to capture this – the stories, rough nature. When I travel, my eyes are often times in "photo mode". I can walk around for hours trying to find the perfect shot. I aim to shoot a photo that doesn't need editing. But while I believe I have a good eye for what could be a good shot, I am hoping to learn more on this scholarship about the technical tweaks a camera offers. I would love to learn from a professional and find out how to shoot on assignments, not just for fun.
I had a longer break from photography at university, while I was getting a “serious” degree in social sciences instead of becoming a photographer. But after a few years of working, I feel the need of doing something more creative and rediscovered photography. This scholarship would be a tremendous chance to develop further and show others why it’s worth to travel to Greenland.

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