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A mini adventure!

Tasmania - Queensland

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 9 April 2009 | Views [641] | Comments [2]

Right it's been a while and a lot has happened since I last posted nodoubt I will forget things but i'll do my best to remember it all.

The hostel in Launceston was awful very dirty and bugs all over the place, the only highlight here was the beautiful Gorge that I went to which you can see in my photos when I upload them. I met a crazy Aussie guy here though by the name of Steve Curry (how crazy? - he took on 3 bouncers, bare foot!) and with his advice I changed my course where my next stop would have been Adelaide his advice brought me to Queensland. Apparently Adelaide is full of serial killers, very small city and not much going on, this was confirmed to me by a Aussie I met who has lived theres all his life so on that note I took a diversion! I met a Taiwanese guy here who became fascinated with me and began treating me like I was his spiritual guide, this soon became very annoying. Everytime I asked him a question he'd answer me with a question. I had this for three days by the third day I was going insane.

(NTS - Goon night, Catherine, Audrey, Steve: funny)

So I jumped on a flight to brisbane with Jet*. Brisbane was boring not much going on here just a huge shopping mall inside a compact city, the hostel here was expensive and bound by too many rules. I spent three days here and that was enough for me. There was a funny incident, I was in a bar here on a music night and got talking to this group of crazy Koreans. As I was talking I began to roll a cigarette which fascinated them. It fascinated them so much that they wanted to try one for the first time. So we went outside and had a smoke and the Korean guy got a headrush off the smoke and fell over! I found this extremely amusing.

The next day I jumped a train to the Gold coast which took about 2 hours. Having been here for over two months and not yet spent a day beside any beaches I was very much looking forward to this. Well I stayed on the train and had no clue where the hell it was going I did not recognise any of these station names! turns out the Gold coast is pretty big which I soon found out first hand. Anyway I got talking to some canadians on the train who told me about surfers paradise. The name certainly sounded appealing so I headed there. When I got off the train I must have gone past the station so I had a long bus ride!

When I arrived this was the place I had been wanting to see and it looked great. Instantly this place is for two things only: Partying and Surfing what more can you want? (Check this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:View-from-Q1-looking-north.jpg ) The pink building is where i'm at.

I decided to spend 2 weeks here the hostel I am in is practically a hotel with 4 bed shares and after constant travel I felt like a rest from all the moving. I met many people here in 2 weeks, two cool Americans Erin and Josh, and two guys from the UK both called Paul.

Paul came to Gold Coast for the V Festival which was happening few days after I got here which I never knew about, and on a whim me and the second Paul bought tickets and we joined him for a really good day. We saw the Killers, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Duffy and Kaiser Cheifs to name a few. This day soon became very random. Midway through the day we got split up and it was impossible to find each other. I stopped and asked someone for a smoke and we soon got talking and was introduced to a huge group of people. I ended up hanging with these guys. At the end, it started raining like you would not believe and I was soaked. I got invited to a house party they were throwing and next thing you know come the end, I was in a Limo with all these people heading to some party on the Gold coast, this was incredibly random but good fun. Leaving out the gory details.... I woke up not remembering much at all apart from realising I had slept in a wooden chair in soaking wet clothes!

I made my way back to the hostel in the morning, fell asleep on the bus and woke up in a place called southport - nice city but not where I was meant to be!

(NTS: Funny, crazy night after drinking, bumping into a few psychos we come back smashed Paul being a legend has some Weed, we smoke it and it completely bolloxes Paul of his face!)

I could go on for ages talking about some of the stuff that went on i'm not gonna go on though. I met back up with the french dude I met in Taz here in surfers and we went on a few club crawls, as I am writing - this being the morning after one of them and am feeling fairly fucked.

Next stop is Fraser Islands.

(Weather: Queensland weather is very tropical, very humid and hot but totally random going from clear sun to heavy rain in seconds this can happen like 4 times a day alternating between each other - and night brings bats!.)

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This one sounds good :)

  Lianne Apr 10, 2009 10:03 AM


lol house parties, limo rides ,v festival and pure random people geez these events are fucking mental and brill sounds like a real adventure. hopefully see you soon but until then keep us informed on the crazy shit lol.


  Big T Apr 29, 2009 7:20 AM

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