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Delhi Departure: Sweeping up the dust

Friday, 29 Sep 2006 | Views [673] | Comments [1]

This might be the last entry written on the road. The last few weeks of our trip have tumbled past in a haze of sight-seeing (Agra and the Taj, Delhi's Red Fort), relaxing in Rishikesh watching the Ganga turn emerald green (It finally looked healthy ... Read more >

Tags: Shopping

Jaialmer Safari: Camel Toes Across the Desert

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2006 | Views [3178] | Comments [1]

    Get to know your camel; Naomi rode Bapu, a beige 9 yr old with a propensity for walking through bushes to brush off  the maelstrom of  flies that lived in his fur. I rode Simon, a grey 10 yr old who liked to get down in the dunes and kick sand all ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

A journey for journey's sake

Sunday, 10 Sep 2006 | Views [518] | Comments [1]

We managed to wake up at 4:30 am to hike up to Savitri Devi with Gita and her family like we promised. It was a drizzly morning and we headed out through the town, mud and cow dung oozing beneath our sandals and getting between our toes. It was a caravan ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Pushkar: A Visit from the god Saraswati

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006 | Views [2558] | Comments [4]

We are still alive but have been completely consumed with music the past week--nothing new for Brandon, but for me it's like a strange new drug and the Indian scale (sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa...) is the only language my brain understands these days. We ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Choki Chani: Desert Hocus-pocus

Sunday, 20 Aug 2006 | Views [1012] | Comments [1]

A bumpy 15km vikram ride from Jaipur under a lavender desert sunset brings you to Choki Dhani, an ersatz Rajastani village designed to entertain wealthy Indians with their own history. Or at least the watered-down trappings of history. Upon arrival a ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Amritsar: A Taste of Holy Water

Sunday, 13 Aug 2006 | Views [1270] | Comments [3]

We left McLeod Ganj on a sunny Saturday morning—the first we’d seen the whole two weeks we’d been there. The night prior we took our beloved music teacher, Kumar, out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant—his first time—and taught him how to eat with ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

McLeod Ganj-Singing the Blues Away

Thursday, 3 Aug 2006 | Views [2278] | Comments [3]

We've settled into our new routine here in McLeod Ganj, blissfully happy to be away from the heat and hassle of the road. Our room is simple, with a squat toilet and cozy comforters, and a perfect place for my laundry line, though it takes days for anything ... Read more >

Tags: Laughter

A Design for Disaster

Friday, 28 Jul 2006 | Views [830] | Comments [3]

Woke up the day we were to leave Mussoorie with the remains of a chest cold, and my best friend, Mr. Runs. With an hour long taxi ride and 6 hour bus ride to Chandigarh, I wasn't going to take any chances, so on top of the Mefloquine, I added some stoppers ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Mussoorie: Well Rounded Hills

Friday, 28 Jul 2006 | Views [731] | Comments [2]

 I turned 28 in Mussoorie, a decaying raj-era himalayan hillstation. The first thing I saw after awakening that day was a giant long-legged spider who had been living web-wise behind our hotel's heavy emerald curtains. It's auspicious, I'm told. Certainly ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

In Shiva's footprint

Thursday, 13 Jul 2006 | Views [1328] | Comments [2]

The last leg of journy has begun--India and her olfactory adventures have welcomed us into her saried bollywood bossom. Things got off to a good start with us being upgraded to first class on our Air India flight from Bangkok due to an overbooked flight.... Read more >

Tags: Culture

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