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Steve & Helen's Great Escape


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 23 May 2011 | Views [249]

We have now made it down to Wellington where interestingly enough they are hotly debating erecting a sign on its famous mount Victoria entitled "Wellywood".  As you can imagine the locals do not like this, apparently like most tiny cities they think they are unique and should not copy another idea from anyone, fair enough I say but the computer enhance images look bloody funny, and a tad tacky - they should keep it in America.

Anyway the last few days ahve been pretty good.  We stayed in Rotorua for a couple of nights, where highlights included me going for a run around some thermal pools (not smelling nice), dipping ourselves in a mud bath and within 30 seconds after being told not to put it all over our face, you guessed it, we had is all over our face and eyes, revisiting the site where Helen performed her one and only bungy jump, saw a man set off a geyser (he dropped some powder into it so he can make it more predictable - cheating I know) and going to Nz's first ever winery and having our arm twisted to buy a few!

We are spending a few days in Wellington now, had a long trip down last night where we stayed in a very pleasant village around 100km north of Wellington called Martinborough.  We have to thank Ted & Lin for having their dinner between 6-7pm as they unattended the terrible campsite we were about to stay in that night (we had a look around and it was shocking and right next to a motorway!).  We also spent half our night speaking to some of the fellow camping crew (yes we have become one), some intesting people you meet.  The Americans we met last night had spent 2 and a bit months out here sampling beer and wine on their vinyards offseason which was interesting hearing about their different types of beer etc (getting boring now)

Anyway rapidly working out that petrol over here is blooming expensive. Cost per litre is around 212.9 cents, which is rather alot more that Australia even given the favourable exchange rate.

Right I best get off now - not sure what Wellington has to offer, probably not a great deal but we will hopefully we will find some nice beers.

Steve & Helen

Observation of the last 3 day:

1. Once you see one thermal pool they are all the same

2. Run past kids anywhere in the world and they are going to give you abuse

3. Not taking your laptop on holiday is a big mistake if you are spending time on the internet

PS - beard is coming along nicely Macca (don't worry mum)



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