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Trip: Vietnam with a Family

There are [13] stories from my trip: Vietnam with a Family

Tips for travelling with children

VIETNAM | Monday, 6 Feb 2006 | Views [16126] | Comments [17]

Sigh. Now we are back home. Apart from Bali and various round-the-world trips to see family, this was the first time we have travelled extensively as a family. We are a family of four with two children aged 1 and 3. We were quite disappointed ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cyclo, family, hoi an, memories, transport, travel with children

Something in the air?

LAOS | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Views [1679] | Comments [4]

There has to be something in the air, the water or the food, like Koala's with Eucalyptus. How else do you explain a country that is semi-permanently asleep? The only time you see anyone striding around purposefully is perhaps at 7:30am in the morning ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, capitalism, family, laid back, on the road, travel with children, wonderful

Meandering along the Mekong

LAOS | Monday, 30 Jan 2006 | Views [1707]

Luang Prabang reminds us greatly of Nan in north-east Thailand. Some years ago we meandered along the Thai-Lao border that is the Mekong for some months, gently absorbing the various towns and villages with no particular destination in mind. The pace ... Read more >

Tags: buddhism, ceremony, culture, luang prabang, on the road, travel with children

Comatose Capitalism

LAOS | Sunday, 22 Jan 2006 | Views [1278] | Comments [1]

In Vietnam you only have to go near a market to have someone try to sell something. Anything. "You buy", "for the baby", "for your boy" and "same same" are aimed in your direction on even the most general of strolls.... Read more >

Tags: capitalism, culture, luang prabang, market

Gallery: A small footprint in Kam Ty

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 17 Jan 2006 | Photo Gallery

Work done by Hollows.org
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A small footprint in Tam Ky

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 17 Jan 2006 | Views [3366]

A boy aged 9 sat on the bed quietly, having lost his right eye; a splinter of glass had got into it when he was 3, the family had not taken him to hospital at the time, and then last week he fell over and his eye-ball ruptured. The empty eye socket ... Read more >

Tags: doctors, footprints network, giving, health, hospitals & health, responsibility

Ripped off! (not)

VIETNAM | Saturday, 14 Jan 2006 | Views [1590]

"We paid 50,000 dong for a motorbike for a day but we got ripped off." drifted up from the back of the bus. I confess, many years ago I probably had the same attitude, but $3 for a day? That's just a cup of coffee back at home mate. I find ... Read more >

Tags: attitudes, on the road, responsibility, sharing, travellers, wealth

Ah ... fresh air

VIETNAM | Thursday, 12 Jan 2006 | Views [3370]

Ah, Hoi An is spectacular. We had to get out of Hanoi or go home. Doing anything there with children in tow is either too dangerous or simply impossible. As soon as we landed in Danang it was evident that much of the old Vietnam we remembered still ... Read more >

Tags: experiences, hoi an, spectacular, travel with children

Then and now

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 10 Jan 2006 | Views [1630] | Comments [2]

Inevitably returning after 15 years we are making comparisons. It's impossible to say better or worse; just that things have changed. Some things we miss, others we don't (definitely!) Probably the biggest single difference is the noise and pollution.... Read more >

Tags: adventures, culture, cyclo, memories, pollution, travel tips, travel with children

travel photography with an iPod

VIETNAM | Sunday, 8 Jan 2006 | Views [2659] | Comments [1]

Well, this is the first time I have tried to travel exclusively with a digital camera and no laptop. It certainly beats lugging a 20Kg case of camera bodies, lenses and film around with the iPod and camera weighing in at a mere 1200g. Still, there ... Read more >

Tags: ipod, travel photography, travel tips

A litany of small disasters ...

VIETNAM | Saturday, 7 Jan 2006 | Views [3016] | Comments [2]

Woke on the morning we were due to leave with the thought: WHAT are we DOING? The task at hand seemed (seems) dauting. Surprisingly, although the flight was full, both Kai and Riu were on their best behaviour and actually pretty much sat still or ... Read more >

Tags: accidents, adventures, disaster, family, health, kai, misadventures, travel with children

Gallery: Vietnam & Laos 2006

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 4 Jan 2006 | Photo Gallery

Travels with my family
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How times change

VIETNAM | Thursday, 29 Dec 2005 | Views [1543]

We last visited Vietnam as two young travellers in April 1991. It had only recently opened to tourists, there was little infrastructure, and it was hard travelling. Having said that, it was a very special time too with incredible memories. Travelling ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, bus, children, fun, jobs, memories, travel planning, work

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