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Trip: Central & South America (1998)

There are [11] stories from my trip: Central & South America (1998)

Macchu Picchu

PERU | Saturday, 27 Feb 1999 | Views [3284]

Soaking in the hot springs, surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Andes, with Machu Picchu shrouded in cloud and gentle rain falling on may face, I contemplate that we very nearly didn't come. Tourist sites with their naieve Americans and loud, arrogant, ... Read more >

Tags: hot springs, people, ruins, temple

The most dangerous road in the world

BOLIVIA | Friday, 19 Feb 1999 | Views [17368] | Comments [4]

The browns, oranges and reds of la Paz are swiftly replaced by lush greens as the road to the Amazon drops off the side of the Andes, descending over 3km in about two hours. Squeezed between sheer walls of rock, dripping with moss and fern, and ... Read more >

Tags: altitude, amazon, bus, danger, death, insane, la paz, misadventures, rainforest, truck


BOLIVIA | Saturday, 16 Jan 1999 | Views [2771]

The thin atmosphere and strong shadows sharpen the pink, blue, red, orange and green that paint Cerro Rico as it towers over Potosi. Silver, zinc, lead and tin, plus 21,000 men still toiling to extract it. Crates of dynamite mix with sacks of cocoa ... Read more >

Tags: colonialism, freedom, history, philosophy of travel, poverty

La Paz

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 7 Jan 1999 | Views [1226]

Spewing clouds of black diesel into the thin crisp air, the orange train lumbered and creaked through cloud-fringed mountains. We rolled past fluffy Alpacas looking so cute and innocent before they are shorn, tended by wild sunburnt mountain people ... Read more >

Tags: altitude, children, football, la paz, people, soccer

Exhausted in Merida

MEXICO | Thursday, 17 Dec 1998 | Views [1149]

As we prepare to depart Central America we are exhausted. I'd forgotten just how tough travelling can be when you never get a day off and are always on the go. The last week has seen us do a flying visit to the archaeological sites of Yukatan: Tikal, ... Read more >

Tags: archaeology, markets, temples


MEXICO | Monday, 14 Dec 1998 | Views [1374]

We had decided to try to cross from Guatemala to Mexico at the ruins of Palenque. As we bumped along the soggy road, pools of water and mud evidence of the recent hurricane, we were presented with a salutary snapshot of rural, lowland Guatemala. Mud ... Read more >

Tags: border, crossing, on the road, palenque, river, travel tales

Darkness in Antigua

GUATEMALA | Friday, 11 Dec 1998 | Views [2988]

I was on the third tortilla when the world began to spin. I had just enough time to think "I'm going to throw up or pass out" so, not wanting to offend the lady at whose stall we were eating, I stood up. Gravity did the rest as my consciousness ... Read more >

Tags: accidents, danger, doctors, food, health, hospitals & health, travel insurance


HONDURAS | Tuesday, 1 Dec 1998 | Views [1444]

A change of plans saw us reverse direction and head south for Honduras and the Mayan ruins of Copan. Arriving in Guatemala City after three and a half hours on a dusty, bumpy bus, squeezed between a pickpocket and a kid with a huge tape player, ... Read more >

Tags: bus, journeys, Lost!, misadventures, travel tales

Gallery: Most dangerous road in the world

BOLIVIA | Monday, 30 Nov 1998 | Photo Gallery

From La Paz to the Amazon
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Life & death in Chichicastenango

GUATEMALA | Thursday, 26 Nov 1998 | Views [3300]

The peaks of the volcanos, cloaked in cloud and on fire from the dawn sun, glide past the windows of our plane. In my imaginations I had painted a land of jungle not volcanos large enough to greet you as you arrive by plane. Being thrown back into ... Read more >

Tags: children, clouds, culture, death, mortality, philosophy of travel, volcano

Homeless in San Francisco

USA | Saturday, 21 Nov 1998 | Views [1347] | Comments [2]

The homeless are always a sight in this richest of countries. Today was Thanksgiving when most Americans go home to families, turkey and cranberry sauce. The shops are all closed and the city empty ... making the homeless more conspicuous than ever.... Read more >

Tags: capitalism, democracy, freedom, homeless, people, society, wealth

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