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Takin it easy is SE Asia Fluffing around in Asia but soon need to get to work to continue this life.


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Back to civilisation

Friday, 25 Nov 2011 | Views [765]

I have been very much enjoying being back in civilisation for the last month. I left Belum Eco Resort a week short of my two month commitment as an artificial reef had been started and the boss seemed to have little enthusiasm for an environmental ... Read more >

Photos: Flowers and fungus

Monday, 24 Oct 2011 | Photo Gallery

Jungle blooms of all types
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Photos: Food I have had

Friday, 7 Oct 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Lazy livin on Lake Temengor

Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 | Views [730]

Well this place is just as I had imagined it. I know that most accommodation places in developing countries (and this part of Malaysia is very much rural and developing) are not up to the standard we are used to in Australia. Everything is still ... Read more >

Photos: Lazy livin on Lake Temenggor

Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Counting hornbills

Friday, 16 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Counting hornbills

Friday, 16 Sep 2011 | Views [611]

I think finding a familiar breakfast will be an ongoing challenge in Asia. Being a small regional centre Alor Setar definitely did not cater to Western tourists. At the local ungodly hour of 7.45am I set off to do a circuit of mostly closed shops ... Read more >

Photos: Serene but soggy Langkawi

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Serene but soggy Langkawi

Monday, 12 Sep 2011 | Views [418]

It is funny that when you are peeved about aspects of your journey, you can actually miss what are the good parts. I caught an overnight train from KL north up to Arau to get to Langkawi as this was a cheaper option than a flight, and I imagined a ... Read more >

Photos: Batu Caves

Tuesday, 6 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Batu Caves

Tuesday, 6 Sep 2011 | Views [373]

After the weekend I thought I would head out to the tourist site of Batu Caves. You can get to these caves by a short $1 ringgit train ride but with a huge bus parking area it is obviously part of the tour route. There are three main caves in ... Read more >

Photos: First week in KL

Monday, 5 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

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First weekend in KL

Monday, 5 Sep 2011 | Views [382]

With departure from Brisbane at 11.20pm on 31 August the red eye flight getting here was not too bad as I did manage to sleep a little bit. Did not help that the cabin lights were not turned off until about 1am then turned back on at 5.30am to ... Read more >



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