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down by the river

Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 | Views [268]

Arriving at midday I had already decided on a hotel and was thus able to ignore the touts. Whilst having “the fag” outside the train station a head strong bull found its way to the bin blocked by my bags and me. Needless to say, I got out of his ... Read more >

It's all about a tree

Saturday, 23 Aug 2008 | Views [331]

Arriving at the town of Gaya at 05:30 in the morning after a night-time train ride left me feeling knackered! Outside, having my traditional fag, I was surrounded by at least 9 rickshaw drivers all touting for the early morning trade. I would hate ... Read more >

there are holes and it's black but only at night

Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [249]

I hate flying! Why you ask…well the reason is that somehow due to all the various wars on terror you ain’t even allowed to have a lighter in the bag that’s going into the hold, or matches come to that! Come on!!!! The 1st thing a smoker wants to ... Read more >

Under pressure

Monday, 28 Jul 2008 | Views [353]

I left the airport at Port Blair (the capital of the Andaman Islands) with just 17 minutes to catch the 1pm ferry to Havelock Island. The reason for the rush was that the dive centre was open and so was my wallet. The ferry was an old rust bucket ... Read more >

down by the sea

Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 | Views [170]

Damn, there are a lot of white people in this town and they’re mostly French. Not that’s a bad thing I mean it could be worse, they could all be Germans or even worse Australians…G’day mate!….O the horror! Mamallapurum is a small seaside town with ... Read more >

Thanjavur : half a day would of been enough

Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008 | Views [285]

Well it has a world heritage listed temple. Was that a good enough reason to go? Yes but then again maybe no. Anyway back to the temple. It’s not the biggest I’ve seen and it was very similar to the ones at Hampi. It did have a large craved bull ... Read more >


Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | Views [239]

The train ride out of Rameswaram was easy, relaxing and as the sun went down we headed into an electrical storm. Now, being inside a large metal box, on big metal wheels rolling along a big metal track made me wonder…do trains get hit by lightening? ... Read more >


Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | Views [243]

I was glad to get off the bus after a long and amazingly bumpy 10 hour ride. The next several minutes were spent tying to get some feeling back into my arse…I failed! The bus station was a 10 minute rickshaw ride from the centre of town and I was ... Read more >

At land's end

Sunday, 13 Jul 2008 | Views [288]

Following several weeks of travelling in a mostly southern direction from Mumbai, I can’t go any further. I have reached the bottom of India, Cape Comorin and the small holy town of Kanyakumari. After spending 5 nights on the cliffs of Varkala it’s ... Read more >

On the edge

Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008 | Views [268]

The train ride was short and sweet but only because I snuck into a sleeper carriage. The town of Varkala is about 2kms away from the beach and cliffs and I had three places to look at for my accommodation needs. The 1st place was, due to it being ... Read more >


Sunday, 6 Jul 2008 | Views [243]

Its now Monday evening (I think) and I’m back on the road tomorrow, well actually, it’s back on the tracks as I’m travelling by train (by general class for the 3rd straight time…the magic can’t last forever). Kollom isn’t anything special but it ... Read more >

In the backwaters of God’s own country

Tuesday, 1 Jul 2008 | Views [369]

I spent just the one night in Kottayam. Trust me, it was enough. One good thing going for the place was that it had a very good English language book shop. After browsing for a while I decided on two books. One was an introduction to the works of ... Read more >

On the way to Kochi...not!

Sunday, 29 Jun 2008 | Views [240]

Due to the delicate nature of my stomach and other parts of my body (thank you Imodium plus) and the fact that there were only the “come and get them” cheap seats on the toy train I took the bus instead. It was quicker, I had a window seat and the ... Read more >

One hundred and forty seven

Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | Views [214]

That’s right I am in Ooty the birth place of Snooker! Arriving after dark due to the bus running late and also side swiping a rickshaw on one of the tight mountain roads I didn’t feel like “searching” for a hotel. Across the road were a gaggle of ... Read more >


Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | Views [358]

I have come to the conclusion that Indian bus travel really isn’t for me. Even though I was in “seat 13” and not able to see that much of the approaching road I was able to see the apex of each twisty mountain curve. The horn was barley silent the ... Read more >

too long a time in this town

Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Views [203]

So finally after 14 days I managed to leave Colva. After spending all my time either: 1. Reading a book 2. Watching TV 3. Drinking beer 4. Drinking beer whilst reading a book 5. Drinking beer whilst watching TV 6. Drinking beer and eating chips, ... Read more >

Down by the sea

Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008 | Views [136]

Arriving in the late afternoon I easily found a cheap hotel. Dumping my bags I made my way the short distance to have a look at the sea. The breakers crashing on the shore, the storm agitated waters swirling a dirty brown over the light yellow sand.... Read more >

Om Namaha Shiva

Thursday, 29 May 2008 | Views [397]

I woke up early and spent the 1st 20 minutes trying not to scratch my foot. It had spent part of the night outside the mosquito net and had therefore been feasted upon. Sadly, I failed! Seeing that I was going to be hanging out in Hampi for a while ... Read more >

Road trip to Hampi

Sunday, 25 May 2008 | Views [212]

Day one: At 8 in the morning I chucked all three of my bags into various parts of the car. Sitting on the back seat I gave my driver the nod of approval to proceed in a southerly direction. Seven hours later I cruised up to the Navaratna International ... Read more >


Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | Views [340]

Today I arrived in the town of Aurangabad. Surprisingly I was met at the train station and given a free rickshaw ride to the hotel. The driver was a man who gets a mention in the lonely planet for his rickshaw services and now runs a tour company ... Read more >

looks like i'm the only white boy in town

Friday, 16 May 2008 | Views [216]

Wow, what a difference 165 kms and 4 hours make! The train was amazingly long and it took me nearly 5 minutes to walk from the back of the train (where everybody was literally fighting to get onto the cheap seats) to my second class a/c carriage.... Read more >


Thursday, 8 May 2008 | Views [258]

Arriving at the airport without my rucksack put a bit of a damper on things and the long taxi ride to the hotel was slightly blue (either I was upset or swearing…I’ll let you choose) After Iran, the 1st thing that hit me was the thickness of the ... Read more >

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