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You are now leaving the hyper-extended metaforest Welcome! This is a place to not only share my travel adventures with my friends and family, but also to share ideas and insights which stem from my life's journey on the road less travelled. I am hoping that this original research and perspectives can offer uncommon ways of looking at the world that might stimulate a new image, idea, or connection in you, the reader. This is my place to share my philosophy and experience in a proper forum, so as to not terrorize my friends with passionate diatribe, and in a manner that is well-thought out, with supporting evidence from the world-at-large.

Trip: Winter Wonderland

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Gallery: Halloween

CANADA | Friday, 26 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

Critical Mass, Costumes & Craziness
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(Belated) Segue Update #2--3 Months Later

CANADA | Thursday, 25 Jan 2007 | Views [351]

yess a photos

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New Year Evolution

CANADA | Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007 | Views [354]

Despite the fact that I celebrate the New Year when the man burns, I find myself--on the first day of 2007 on the Gregorian calendar--beginning something which I have been needing to begin for a very very long time. Here's to a New Year in which all ... Read more >

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