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Solitude and Solitary All of us are alone as we find the road we will travel

About sami33

I like photography for the ability to tell my feelings and thoughts in images. Communication is difficult, full of misunderstanding. But images are universal.

I like these images for the solitude they express but the strength that comes from standing above and away from the crowd. 

After my trip to Ottawa, I have started to be open to sharing my photography, my art and the emotions that they stir. It is a matter of trust to share something you created with an audience. I have found the confidence in my art to share it. 

Before I left for this trip, I was lost. Caught in traps of my own making. Wondering how this life had anything to do with me. But it's the life I created and In removing myself from the daily routines, I found re-connection with my spirit, my dreams and my gifts. 

That's why my photos show a solitude, and an isolation. That's what I was feeling. Through the time away I had to feel lost so I could find those parts of me, that I have been missing for some time. 

I feel this is the blossoming time in my life.

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