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Whenever I get the Dengue, I....

MALAYSIA | Friday, 23 November 2007 | Views [870] | Comments [1]

So yes its been a minute since my last blog...and well the short of it is that I went to Malaysia, got Dengue Fever and had my appendix out! Yep, that's right folks - Dengue and surgery - all at once and all in Malaysia! Everyone should try it - really - it's great!

Amber and I left Ao Luk last wednesday, the 14th on a Visa Run...yet again. This time we were to get our Non-B Immigrant Visas so we could work in Thailand but oddly enough with all of this we had to leave the country to get the Visa...so we finished up teaching on that Tuesday and left for Krabi town that night

On the van ride into Pinang, the next day my legs started to ache a lot and I felt really hot and then cold but I thought I had just been sitting in the van for too long - yet another bus ride that takes all day.....but by the time we got into Georgetown I knew there was something wrong - I managed to get up to our room and laid down on the bed - Amber went off to find us a Visa Agent and I got hotter and the pain kept getting worse...Amber came back to inform me that after everything we didn't have all the paper work from our company to get our Visas! as she was pacing up and down in the room fuming - i started to realize after feeling bugs crawling on me - that weren't there - and my eyelids being so hot it burned to close them that i probably needed to go to the hospital - by the time we got there i couldn't really walk and my temp was 39 celsius - next thing you know they got me on an IV and I've been admitted to the hospital - the next day they realized I had acute appendicitus and had surgery that night - a few days later I was also diagnosed with Dengue fever...

overall the two together was the most painful - pretty damn horrible thing I've ever been through - but after eight days I'm out of the hospital and not a human pin cushion anymore! yeah! i lucked out i think being in Malaysia because most people here speak relatively good english and most things are written in english which made it all easier - the hospital was very nice and amazingly enough I had health insurance for once in my life (thanks to my mom of course)Amber was absolutely fabulous - going out and getting me magazines and nail polish and making it all seem a little less depressing as i laid in bed hour after hour watching really and I'm talking really bad movies on Cinemax....

And now, if you've read all of this until here - you are rewarded with one more piece of information - I am flying home tomorrow.... I need at least two weeks of recovery time and then ..... it was recommended that I go home to the States to get better as I was in such a weakened state and it would be very easy for me to get sick again if I stayed...so after just two short months in Asia I'm going home! which is exciting and also very sad - for all the obvious reasons - but I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone....much love

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were are you??? call me!! ouch!! are you in Cali? no wonder i've been thinking of you so!

  Liane Pellegrini Nov 26, 2007 7:20 AM

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