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You see Temple?

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 21 November 2007 | Views [785]

Bayon faces. Everywhere.

Bayon faces. Everywhere.

Finally we made it to the famous Angkor Wat - said to be worthy of the title of 'world wonder #8', and I'd have to agree. Many Kings and powerful men in the region controlled populations of millions well enough to produce surplus to cover costs of excavating and building massive structures. And it's not just the size of monuments that impresses, it's the detail on every wall, on every tower... We took so many photos, and admittedly it was getting a bit 'same same' at the end of three days, but it is incredible. We scrambled over ruins, gazed at huge trees growing up on and over the old temples, and were lucky i guess to see it now, before the authorities clamp down on the scrambling and touching...  Another highlight were the sellers, small kids and adults alike bustle any tourist they see into a good deal for you.  Doesn't matter if you already have a thumping great guidebook in you hand already, they expect fully that you need (and want) another (dodgy copy) for $3. No. No thanks. The kids are even more persistent, and I gave in a few times, $1 for 10 braclets, $1 for 13 postcards... you know.  It's intense. We end up feeling rude, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

So to sum up - Angkor is fantastic. prepare to get pushed into your first tuktuk/taxi driver's brother's hotel, and his cousin is a tour guide for angkor, (1 day? 3 days?) and his mate the travel agent does the best deal to the capital, and will take you straight to his aunty's guesthouse, and her friend will take you around the city for nothing. best deal for you, very good price, good luck for everyone, early morning price for you, you want pineappplllle?

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