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Random Traveller Hello and welcome to the long discourse on Rhiannon’s Adventures So Far, that I finally made myself sit down and write because of the impending DOOM that is called Manufacturer Default. My little baby is a lovely shiny white Macbook that I’ve decided to name Poodle. This is because its main function is to be pretty. However I will soon have to send it off to some unloving ruffians who will beat it and tell it not to keep randomly shutting down on me.


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As I write this

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [1516] | Comments [7]

I thought this might be a better place to start than the beginning for reasons mainly to do with the fact that I am writing this sitting in what is technically a Homeless Shelter. It’s one of those nice Homeless Shelters. I have a room with only three ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Barcelona and the Pyrenees

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [2084] | Comments [2]

My parents and I headed down to Barcelona where we met up with my brother James. He’s been overseas since November last year and has only just made it home. For anyone travelling to Barcelona, which is a lovely city, the one thing you have to see is ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [7582] | Comments [2]

Alicante is a small city a few hours south of Valencia on the Costa Blanca. I went to school here for 3 weeks and had a ball. Traditionally everyone has classes for a few hours in the morning and heads to the beach for the afternoon. For me the beach ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

La Tomatina (The Great Tomato Fight!)

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [9558] | Comments [2]

It is held in Buñol. It is exactly what the title says. Imagine the most insane mosh you have ever been in and then add several tonnes of tomato pulp. Everyone, thousands of people, were packed into this long street no wider than my bedroom. I’m ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [1027] | Comments [2]

After the tomatoes and the cold James and I took our leave and one headed north, the other south. I ended up in Oviedo the capital of Asturias, which is one of the provinces on the northern seaboard. I have to say it is the prettiest city I have ever ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Back in Oviedo

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [729]

Well this bit will be where I update. I plan to stay in this city until Christmas and hopefully improve my woeful Spanish. Unless something untoward happens I’ll be staying in this nice bit of free accommodation for a few days, during which I need to ... Read more >

Tags: Culture


Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006 | Views [786] | Comments [3]

I love comments. They let me know people like me bothering with this and if anything I´ve done actually counts as exciting. If you don´t want to give this site your email address you can put journals.worldnomads.com/rhiannon as your webpage.

Tags: The Planning Phase


Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006 | Views [948]

Here’s a brief rundown for people that can’t be bothered: Right now: In a Homeless Shelter.. England: Saw my Granny.. Barcelona: I love Gaudi, Costa Brava = Kayaking on the Med, Yay!. Pyrenees: Canyoning = Even more Yay!. Alicante: Learning, Beach, ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

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Saturday, 11 Nov 2006 | Photo Gallery

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