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Scholarship Entry - Voyagers of the Pacific

My Scholarship Entry - Voyaging in the Pacific

Solomon Islands | Saturday, 5 January 2013 | 5 photos

Photography is my Passion! I love capturing the moment, the emotion, the connection, the life. These intangible things that we see and feel every day, when captured, offer insights and invoke emotions and thoughts within ourselves, allowing us to see life through shining new eyes, windows to the soul. THIS is what inspires me; THIS is what drives me to capture stories and moments, continuously striving to make a better shot.

I’m so hungry to learn and have a huge passion for travel, immersing myself in the life of the places I go. I also love sharing experiences I have with others back home through photography.

Having grown up immersed in my Maori language and culture I love making connections with other cultures to contribute to a more connected world.

Travel & Photography – Passions Combined! I want to listen and learn, to ask you questions and bounce ideas, to improve my technique, workflow and composition so that I, like you, can work in my passion, sharing the world through photography.

I thrive on challenges and welcome this opportunity of working on assignment with you in Oman to tell stories for the world to see!

I look forward to your call! I am Ready! Bring it on!

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