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CROATIA | Saturday, 26 September 2015 | Views [394]

So this blog is mostly for us. Each of every of these blogs is for us honestly. We are happy to have our family and friends following us but this blog was mostly for us to look in the past (future past at this point) but mostly for us to look back on our endeavors and to relish in them....that being said here we go for our personal moment....

We have had a life changing experience here through our travels. Whilst typing this we are listening to a kickass playlist by Pete Rock called Lost & Found Underground Soul. This album resonates within both of us because it really due to the recent viewing of the kickass movie"Straight out of Compton" and our good friend Brandi Karlick's love of a Tribe Called Quest". Anyways...

We have very much enjoyed ourselves traveling and we know that our first endeavor is coming to a near close, sooner than we expected it to..

That being said, some things for ourselves we want to get out there that we want our future selves to be known saying that:

We've been loving our life. People might think that this has been easy for us or whatever but realistically it has been a serious matter for us to complete what we've came in to do. We tried to make things simple for our blogs for people, and ourseles, to know what we want to get out of our travels. Realistically, we have been struggling to get across the point we want to make as we go.  We love what we have been doing, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has been easy for us.

Our blog has been fantastic. We love everyone who has been reading. We started writing for ourselves, first and foremost. Croatia has been great for us because it gave us the opportunity to calm down and reflect on everything that has been going on. We have used this time to reflect on our time spent so far; we expected at this point to know how to appreciate our travels. It isn't necessarily that easy, We want to travel hard, we want to experience everything we can, but our money situation doesn't always call for that. That being said, we have been doing our best to show ourselves the best travel period we can come up with.

We our travelling for us, and we want our travels to reflect that. We are doing our best to live this part of our life as seriously as we know it deserves. Everytime we think about posting this blog, we think about what everyong else might want to hear, but when it comes down to the money it's about what we want to know in the end. And we know that, but at the same time we want anyone reading to understand what we're doing at the same time. Because it isn't all about us. We don't want it to be al about us. This blog, while ultimately about our travels, is mostly about giving the people that love us the knowledge to understand that they can do it as well. It's NOT all about us. It's about everyone that wants to do more than they've done so far.

There is an ENTIRE world out there available to EVERYONE. We want everyone to know that they have the opportunity to reach for it as well. It's a struggle we all face to reach for what we really want. We want to show that while we got a small piece of it, there is an entire world available to everyone else that wants to find something too. Did your mom/dad/grandparents/cousins come from somewhere else? You can get a piece of that experience. The key is to try to reach for it. We wanted to do what we could to grab as much of that experience as we could; we want to show that it is just as easy for other people to grab pieces for themselves as well. There is no reason to doubt, to question, to think that they might not be able to do what we are doing. The biggest thing is that the world is here for you to reach for, all it takes is a little dedication.

All we really want to say about it is: find your dreams. Travel because it's good for you. Travel because it's good for your kids. Travel because it's good for your parents. There is so much more out there than most of us grew up knowing. Be ready for it; be prepared for it because it's coming to match you, and more than anything prepare your kids for it because they will be matching wills with the kids that are growing up knowing all of this already.




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