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Beautiful Croatia - Our first 2 Weeks

CROATIA | Thursday, 24 September 2015 | Views [330]

This place is a paradise. 


It is a gorgeous landscape that consists of the mountain and beach combination that Karmen has always dreamed of residing in. Clear waters, both sand and pebble beaches, and tons of seafood (too bad we don't really like the stuff - we know it's a crime!) Upon our arrival at 8 PM ,we were welcomed at our Air Bnb with smiling faces asking us if we were hungry because the older Croatian lady (Yelena) also living here was making croatian pancakes. Starving we both gladly accepted and the pancakes here are DELICIOUS. Similar to a crepe, the pancakes are thin and rolled up with jam inside. After eating our fill,  Yelena and her friend Radmila noticed Michael's guitar and requested him to play some music.  He wooed these croatian women off their seats. They were smiling so big and applauded after each song he played. Needless to say, Michaels head is getting bigger about his musical and vocal skills daily thanks to them. 

After breakfast for dinner we were eager to go out on the town because it was our friend Kevins last night in Croatia. Kevin is a really cool guy that we met at a bar in Budapest and he is from France. We were happy to find out that he was also going to be in Split, Croatia aroumd the same time we were. So we met up with him and did some exploring and drinking to send him off to Dubrovnik. It was a fun night and we got to make a new friend Matt from Australia! 

Having been here in Croatia for 2 weeks or so, we have been thoroughly exploring the beaches almost everyday. It's the month of September and tourist season is basically over here. We are happy about that because it means we get everything to ourselves! The weather has been sunny almost everyday and the temperatures ranging from 75-85 degrees. Needless to say we have been working hard on our tans! On top of that we have been relaxing and doing lots of reading. Karmen is proud to have read almost 5 books since we've been here!

Although this is the 2nd biggest city in Croatia, it's a very small city. Michael has been busking a few times since we have been here and almost each time he has had a great experience with people praising him for his vocal and musical skills and he's made some decent money. There was one instance though where he was busking outside of the shopping mall (a very good place to play because of high traffic) and the mall sent 3 security guards to kick him off the property! It was more funny than anything because the mall sent 3 big burly men to ask Michael to leave haha. 

 We've been to a couple different beaches. We usually just go to the beach nearby called Bacvice, it's what people generally expect with yellow sand some chairs and a couple fast food eateries. It's also where most of the tourists tend to go because it's close to the old city and has easy access. The water is still very clear though so we have no reason to be scared from random fish or seaweed or anything haha. We've also been to a more private beach called Kasjuni. This was a white pebble beach and much less crowded and the water was beautiful. It takes a couple buses to get there tho which makes it a full day commitment. 

We've had the fortune to meet a few very nice people we hope to see again in further travels.  There is a popular backpacker bar where we joined in on a group date night to get some deals off a nice restaurant and enjoy some good conversation with other people traveling getting to hear their stories of other places. We have also attended a pub crawl a couple times that was very fun and very popular, over a hundred people easily and they tell us in peak season it can go way higher. They start at a private bar where we get 2 hours to drink all we can playing beer pong, flip cup, dancing and just generally having a good time. Then once everyone is sloshed we parade through the city to a couple other popular club spots to dance and have fun.  We even went skinny dipping one night when the crawl ended at a club near the beach! (Not everyone though just me and Karmen, and then a few other people that saw us and joined in haha)

We have even managed to go see a couple movies while we have been here! It's much cheaper than back home so it's been a real treat that we rarely took advantage of back in the states. Needless to say we've been having a wonderful time. We've been relaxing from all the travel travel travel and it makes us miss home more than when we were seeing a new place every week so we will be ready to come home by mid November when our visas our up we think. We're also super excited to get back where we can eat some real food again!

Until the next one!


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