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europe 2013 A where we can, when we can, account of our self drive trip around Ireland-Britain-France

Escrick - King's Lynn

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 17 September 2013 | Views [305]

A bit of a nothing day today.  Weather has been cold and wet and the countryside we  have travelled through has been flat and featureless.  Towns fairly ordinary.  Lots of trucks on the road today.  Mostly heading north in the opposite direction to us.  We theorised on why this might be.  Possibly all off to the port in Hull where there is a car ferry to Rotterdam.  Our other speculation was that it could be to do with all the produce farms in the area.  Huge fields of brassicas and ploughed paddocks.  Also tractors  of all sizes trundling along on the road holding up the traffic.  Which negated my next theory for all the trucks, that the road we were travelling might be a quicker driving option for them when heading north.

It seems Britain is booked out.  We are having a lot of trouble finding accommodation.  B & B's here don't seem to have as many rooms as in Ireland.  We thought we'd be clever and book the next two nights ahead but the B&B's we phoned were all full.  Most only appear to have two or three rooms whereas the Irish ones could have up to ten rooms.  We tried a couple of very big looking hotels when we got into King's Lynn.  They were both full.  Then it was off to the Information office.  A woman there rang around a few places without any luck.  She left a couple of messages on some answer phones and it was while I was away feeding the meter for the car that a man walked into the info office and said he had a room available.  So it won't be the back seat of the car after all!!

It's an old hotel which is set up more like a hostel.  A family with kids is also staying.  The kids are running through the lounge room as I type!  Hopefully they'll soon run out of steam:-) At least it's cheaper money wise so we might be able to eat tonight:-)  Who said England was cheaper than Ireland?

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks good.  We have a few things planned which includes Sandringham, one of the queen's residences, and a castle which is here in town somewhere.  No photos today.  Nothing really caught my eye.



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