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My Scholarship entry - Missoula (Zootown)

USA | Thursday, 4 July 2013 | 5 photos

I began a career in science because the images of Nat Geo inspired in me a sense of adventure and wonder. I have since completed a Master’s of Science degree in Marine and Wetland Studies, but I still yearn to see the world. Having a strong foundation in the elements of art and the use of a camera, I have decided to leave research and rediscover adventure and art with a career in photojournalism.
The most rewarding aspects of photography are the experience and successfully communicating my or the subject’s feelings in that moment. I want the viewer to be there, understand, empathize, and connect. Accompanying Jason would radically improve the technical aspects of my photography, sharpen my intuition, and show me how a high-caliber professional conducts the rest of the business (finding sites and resources, planning and executing a shoot, etc.). I should be selected for my enthusiasm and infatuation with the ‘process’ of photography. I will climb a tree, hike another mile, get up an hour earlier, and stay an hour later to get the shot. I welcome bitterly cold mornings, sweltering afternoons, backbreaking hikes, and torrential downpours because it is all part of the experience.

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