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Doctor, doctor, tell me the news...

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 30 January 2013 | Views [534]

The next day I was so tired, I didn't even hear Nick leave for work! I finally got out of bed at 12.30pm.

What plans today? Hmm...I didn't have any plans, and given how sick I feel, don't really want to go anywhere in this cold weather.

Davina suggests that if what I have is bacterial, it's probably a better idea to get antibiotics here rather than when I'm in South America. She's got a point. But as I'm sitting there in my PJs and sleeping bag liner next to the warm heater, out is the last place I want to go!

Lunch first! I have soup that I brought back from Derby. It's mushroom & tastes delish! I think Darcia looks quite miffed that my bowl is so much bigger than hers. Or why I'm eating her food. It's one of those two.

After lunch, I look up potential places I could go see a doctor. Apparently they're called NHS walk in centres and the nearest one is 5kms away. Not a problem if you have a car, but a bit of a pain when you have to take public transport - as good as it is in London. I look it up. Right, I need to change 3 lines and apparently it will take me 35 minutes.

Enh! I so don't want to go! Why haven't scientists figured out teleportation yet? I mean, is it really that difficult! After totally ignoring the fact I need to go see the doctor, it finally gets dark! Guess it's now or never! I get changed and head outside.

I change all my trains and finally arrive at the right station. I start walking...and walking...and walking. Gees! Where IS this place?

I finally see some signs for Hammersmith Hospital and walk into the first entrance I come across. Obstetrics and gynaecology. Hmm...not quite!

I continue walking and finally find the right entrance. There's a waiting room and a couple of guys talking to the man behind the counter. Next it's my turn and my brain decides to leave. I have no idea what to say.

So I start with "Umm...".

After a few seconds, the guy takes pity on me and prompts "You want to see a doctor?"

Yes! I knew I wanted to see a doctor, just not sure how much detail I needed to into with the guy. He takes my details and asks for a postcode.

I'm not from London I tell him.

That's okay, we treat people from outside London.

I marvel at his ability to be so calm without any sense of sarcasm.

I tell him I'm not actually from the UK.

That's okay, he says, and asks for the address of where I'm staying. I give him Nick & Davina's address. He tells me to take a seat but there will probably be a long wait.

Oh, no worries, I tell him. It's not like I have anywhere to be.

It's now been an hour since I left home.

I settle in and look around at the people in the waiting room. There seems to be an entire extended family present on one side, there's something wrong with the late teen/early twenty year old girl, but for the life of me I can't tell what it is.

There's a couple that's just making out.

An older couple, a lady in a wheelchair, a guy who looks like a cleaner & seems to be in some serious pain & keeps going to the toilet every 5 minutes.

As we all continue to wait, three policemen & a guy come in & I see that the guy is handcuffed to one of the policemen. My anxiety level increases slightly. Hmm...there doesn't seem to be any bleeding, or obvious injuries, and the guy seems relatively calm.

Oh wait, the policemen bring him into the centre of the room and make him sit between two of them. The third policeman sits a few seats away and seems the most unimpressed with the guy. They start talking about stabbings & lungs & things but I can't really hear the conversation.

I find it funny that one of the policemen next to the guy keeps checking his facebook while waiting & keeps the cover of his case up - I presume so the guy can't see what he's doing. It's been over an hour now since I arrived and the people in the waiting room have been called in every which direction. To an examination room, a long corridor on the same floor and up the flight of stairs to the next level. I cannot for the life of me figure out how it works, and I continue to wait.

After a while, the guy who was in line before me gets called. Oh, my turn next I think. But no, there are three other people that get called in. I'm totally confused, but maybe he had already signed in earlier than when I saw him.

The blond examination doctor/nurse seems to go on a break 'cause now there's a male equivalent. I think he might be Indian, but then he calls my name. Nope, not Indian. Or maybe he could be, but was born here & that's why he has no idea how to pronounce it.

I go in. It's now been one hour and forty five minutes since I arrived. He asks what's wrong. I explain that I've had this cold for a week now and it's not getting better. I leave for South America tomorrow and just want to confirm that it's not bacterial and I need antibiotics. He asks more questions, but his manner is very brusque. He then tells me to take my top off so can listen. I take off two of my jackets and look at him. He shakes his head. You need to take the others off, I can't listen through them all.

Doh! The office is not the warmest place in the world. I get down to my singlet before he says okay. Then he makes me take deep breaths. Seven. In rapid succession. I'm getting dizzy. I think I might hyperventilate or pass out. Can't figure out which one yet.

Okay, it's all clear which means just keep doing the usual stuff - lozenges, inhalation, etc and have a good holiday. The whole meeting has taken less than five minutes.

Umm...so I don't need anything? Nope, you can go home.

Huh! I don't think anyone just left after coming out of that room. Well, I guess that's good. I think to ask about my knee, but he's already dismissed me and I'm a little scared of him. I put my ten layers back on and head out, ready for the long trudge home. I guess it's good that it's nothing.

On the way home I think I smell vinegar & get a craving for salt & vinegar chips. So I pick up two packets from the local Sainsbury together with a loaf of this delicious malt fruit bread thing (which I picked up at an earlier time when I was having cravings for fruitcake - it was the only thing they had!) but when I get to the checkout, I don't have enough cash.

Doh! I cancel one of the packets of chips, but now I need the checkout guy to come and fix it.

Double doh! He comes soon enough, fixes it, and I head home.

Nick is already there holding Darcia & Davina is preparing dinner. Fish with vegies. She's slicing up sweet potato. Yum!

I feed them the chips as both have their hands otherwise occupied. When dinner is ready, they are all equal portions again, but for some unknown reason I actually manage to finish everything on my plate. Even though it takes me almost three times as long. I didn't think I was that slow an eater.

As if in response, Davina asks if her & Nick are really fast eaters? Ha! We watch another episode of QI before everyone goes to bed.

I'm about to as well, except I realise I haven't checked in yet! Doh! I quickly go through the process & realise I still haven't booked accommodation in Buenos Aires after I return from Iguassu Falls. I try and find something but it just gives me a headache. At least the important part is done!

I then head to bed too.

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