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Fairly quiet day, some packing and some planning

Thursday, 30 Dec 2010 | Views [259] | Comments [1]

Well its been a fairly quiet day here, had hung out fairly late with my friend Dev the night before playing xbox, really is a lot of fun when playing in the right atmosphere. So we woke up fairly late, had lunch then I went over to my mates mum's place ... Read more >

Photos: NY State / WWE Raw

Monday, 27 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

Visit to Albany for WWE Monday night RAW
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WWE in Albany, Pete visits his childhood dreams a little

Monday, 27 Dec 2010 | Views [395] | Comments [1]

Well it was time to become a big kid and go and see the WWE world, so I went to see WWE monday night Raw with my best friend Dan and brothers by extension, Nick and Matt. Was an awesome night, Arrived in Albany and went to a local pub called the "... Read more >

Tags: fun, usa

HAHA - Snow again, Snow again, think I am sick of shoveling already...

Wednesday, 8 Dec 2010 | Views [654] | Comments [1]

Well I think its clear to say, I have NEVER seen this much snow in my LIFE! It is pretty cool, but very cold. Did some hunting for work up here, but think its going to be true to say that I might just come back, found a group that would do a placement ... Read more >

White Morning, 7" of Snow, and a Shovel - Fun?

Monday, 6 Dec 2010 | Views [303]

Well I think it is safe to say that we have now entered properly into winter, it has been snowing all night and is still snowing now. Got up early today and got shoveling the snow, to help my best friends GF so she could drive out, its a different experience that ... Read more >

Tags: work

Photos: NY State / City

Sunday, 5 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

Christmas in NY
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Nice Quiet day, some sleeping, some movies, some beer

Saturday, 4 Dec 2010 | Views [373] | Comments [1]

Had a nice relaxing day today, had a bit of relaxing, and was able to get my washing done. watched a movie marathon of harry potter, then watched the new twilight movie with everyone, it was... confusing, still don't understand why the vampires "... Read more >

Tags: drinking, movies, relaxing.

A lot to catch up on - Finally have internet, 1st week in Utica, and first day of snow!

Saturday, 20 Nov 2010 | Views [386] | Comments [1]

Well there is a lot to catch up on, we finally got internet today at Dan and Kay's house. Has been a bit slower here but will update this entry shortly with everything that has been going on.  Dan's birthday was good, couple of friends over for beers ... Read more >

Tags: fun, slow, snow, utica

First full day among the hype, the glamour and the glitz

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2010 | Views [1012] | Comments [3]

Hey hey, Petes here again, reporting from East Hollywood CA. Well today was my first full day in this area. Has been a fairly evenful sight seeing day. Started off my day with breakfast at the iconic cafe 101, then walked down to Hollywood Blvd and ... Read more >

Tags: fun, hollywood, la, sights

Photos: LA Trip

Monday, 8 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

Pete Visits LA
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