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Me and Lennon made of concrete. Cuba, 2007. Photo by Sergey Vasiliev.

Me and Lennon made of concrete. Cuba, 2007. Photo by Sergey Vasiliev.

I’m a professional interviewer, a writer. I do travel a lot and meet many people on my way. When you have this unique opportunity to hear their stories you ought to remember their faces. That’s how I got started. I always kept it as a hobby and therefore sometimes get less good shots than I wish I had if I had more experience or a mentor.


It became more special one day when I decided to get back to using film instead of digital cameras. It brought back the magic and seemed more fitting to portraits. It’s not as quick, of course, and not as practical – but, I guess, my goal is not in increasing the speed but in capturing the special feeling there’s when you have only one opportunity to make a photo. It may turn out bad, but if it’s good – it’s good and special.


Photography is something I will never give up as long as I have my camera with. Travelling is never going to end as long as there are places to visit. Going far away also gives a chance to see something new every time you come back home. I accidentally heard about the National Geographic scholarship and Greenland was obviously a place I’ve never been to. Every opportunity to learn from a professional is an inspiration.



Ludmila Pogodina

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