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Pete's Trip

Trip: Popsicle Pete Freezing in Europe

There are [8] stories from my trip: Popsicle Pete Freezing in Europe

Deserts & Desserts- The Islamic Republic of Iran

IRAN | Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014 | Views [500]

It was around 8pm when we got off the bus in Khoor, a small town a few hours north of Yazd- the desert city in Central Iran with an old city centre still made of mud bricks. From there we were met by a taxi driver from the tiny oasis town (max population ... Read more >

Tags: desert, iran, islamic

Mongolia by bus

MONGOLIA | Saturday, 12 Jul 2014 | Views [361]

We took a bus from Ulaanbaatar to Moron- a town presumably named after the people who catch the bus there. The bus reportedly takes between 15 and 30 hours, that's Mongolian consistency for you. We arrived at 1pm to buy tickets, only to be told the 2pm ... Read more >

Tags: bus, mongolia

Slovakia: skiing and eating (mostly the latter)

SLOVAKIA | Friday, 8 Feb 2013 | Views [282]

We arrived in Bratislava (the first word I can roll my R's in so I walked around town saying it repeatedly) very early one morning and headed to the hostel to dump our bags before the sun came up. We'd caught the overnight train from Berlin and a guy ... Read more >

Behaving in Berlin

GERMANY | Friday, 8 Feb 2013 | Views [323]

 Donald and I got to Berlin on Monday night after catching two buses, a ferry, two S bahns and a U bahn. Again, people may have doubted our ability to get there (rightfully so) but it only took us a few minutes of being lost before I managed to ... Read more >

Danish Dames

DENMARK | Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 | Views [535]

I know it's been a while since the last entry, sorry mum.  Donald and I set off from Frankfurt to Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago. Lenny headed to his Grandma's place south of Munich and left us to our own devices. If anyone thought that could ... Read more >

Photos: Europe 2013

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Czech It Out

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2013 | Views [264]

Prague!  I will try to keep the puns in Czech (ok sorry, no more). Prague is magical. A medieval city with a castle, beautiful buildings, lots of bridges and ridiculously cheap beer, what more could a girl want? It has been around ... Read more >

Oh dear lord, it's cold!

GERMANY | Saturday, 12 Jan 2013 | Views [369] | Comments [2]

Alright folks, it's blog time again! Basically, I'm just too lazy to email everyone so here you go! Fair warning: I dont go back and proof read anything so it's just in the order that it pops into my head.   I'm in Europe! Cold, cold ... Read more >