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Chile | Thursday, 4 July 2013 | 5 photos

For the past 7 months I got used to work daily in a challenge and its conquest, that’s because I’m a runner, 6 km is my current mark. The first day, I couldn’t even catch my breath after one lap and now I want to continue running even further; my choice involves effort, will and an upbeat stubbornness. I run because I need my legs to be strong ‘cause I want to become the fastest version of myself concerning photography, the toughest and the least fearful. I want to build myself as a photojournalist by winning and losing, but mainly by goals. I used to think that I needed some climbing lessons to get the best shot; honestly I was scared of crashing myself against the pavement while attempting a high angle photo. I used to envy those tall photographers gigantic enough they could snap a dinosaur just by stretching their necks. I hadn’t realized that success depended on me until I learned about confrontation. Now I know better: photography is all about facing life, fears, and oneself. That truly inspires me to keep on learning. I’m 1.57 meters tall and I’ve learned that limits are irrational and self induced. I’m sure that third time’s the charm… I’m counting on it.
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