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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Monday, 7 November 2011 | 7 photos

“By my nuts”, I answer when my mom asks why do I have to choose the toughest situations to make photo. I understand why she worries; living in Mexico is not the easiest thing: more than 50 thousand deaths because of Mexico’s drug war; first place in kidnapping -45 per day as daily journals show-; plus, being the most dangerous place for journalists (even more than Afghanistan). Mexico is a battlefield and also my home.
Me: young journalist, photographer, change believer. Photography is an opportunity to push human to recognize itself and its environment. If change must start, is first needed self acknowledgment. I want someone else to know the reality I portrait. I photograph because of my desire to document my world, the charm and pain of it.
South Africa: test myself, unlimited work. I couldn’t stop asking! I would be patient, brave, tough, there wouldn’t be any complaint, no babysitting. I feel motivated because of the idea of living a raw assignment. I’m not worried about sweat, hunger, and insects. When I was a kid I used to eat dirty worms. I want to learn how to scare away the fear when you’re noticed with the camera right over their faces.
I’ve learned of photography to control my body while shooting, to be cautious, to face the error and shoot how many times needed. I’ve noticed I’ve become stronger and much more of a fighter to get the picture that I want.
I just don’t want this to be “the best experience of my entire life”, but the beginning of my life’s mission: to show youngsters a better way of life through photography. I hope I get to be someone’s mentor someday. My bet: to change someone´s perception about human compassion and his will. So bet on me.

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