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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Thailand | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 5 photos

I was born in Taiwan, and migrated to Australia at the age of 8. Coming from a classic Buddist Asian family, my upbringing was very traditional. During my schooling years, I attended a Catholic Primary School and Lutheran Highschool. This clash of ideas and teachings has enabled me to better appreciate the differences in cultures.

Travelling has always been key part of my life. In my younger years, my parents took the family travelling to different countries every major school holidays. This was also my first opportunity to engage in "photography". I can still remember the camera was a Kyocera autofocus 35mm film camera.

In my university years, I saved up and purchased my first digital SLR camera, a Canon 20D. Since working life began, travel photography has been neglected.

Once I heard about this opportunity with World Nomad, I was terribly excited. I am an avid fan of the NatGeo, always mesmerised by the different cultures all over the world. I hope I am given the chance to learn under the master Jason Edwards. I endeavour to do my best, and hope this opportunity will let me embark on a new journey in my old love, travel photography.

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