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Surfs Up

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 21 October 2007 | Views [784] | Comments [1]

Hey people,


Sorry for taking my time to update this but here it goes. Took my first surfing lesson on last Friday. Me, Nick, and Simon all went from our hostel. Met up at the YHA down the road where this Surfer Van turned up. About 6 us were there all together. We were on the road for about 30mins then we stopped off in this little town!! Basically where only locals are welcome. Wasn’t much there apart from a coffee shop and a bottle Shop.

After about 25mins we hit the road again and arrived at this national park. The surf teacher said it’s the best place to surf in Sydney. We had this massive beach all to our selves.

Once we got our Wet Suits on, we hit the beach where we learnt the basics. Practicing on land. It randomly started hailing and raining but it didn’t matter and we were going to get wet anyway. After we learnt the 3 steps of standing up on a surf board. We hit the waves. The water was about 20c. It was warmer to stay in the water then to get out.

Our teacher was a typical surfer. Every time we fell off he’ll shout “wipe out” or give you high fives when you caught a wave. He was quite funny. We were surfing till about 5PM. A long day on the Boards. Everyone was tired after this. It took a while to stand up. Caught some good waves which was a lot of fun. But my ankle did give way and went a bit swollen again.

Once we got back to the hostel we all took it easy. Surprising how much hard work it was. Loads of paddling takes it out of you.

During the weekend we watched the Rugby and some football matches. Met up with some school mates near China Town. Also I managed to do my own laundry and dry it all as well without ruining any of my clothes. Well chuffed about that. Got to make sure my Town top is always clean as I keep bumping into Norwich Fans. Thought they were a dieing out but there seems to be loads of them out here.

Also I started a job on Tuesday but quit Tuesday Afternoon. Not sure if I like the whole work thing. But this job was shocking. They wanted me to work 12-8Pm than 9-5 at the weekends. Left England to get away from that kind of thing.

But Job hunting will resume tomorrow. The plan is now to stay in the Sydney Area till Christmas because everything getting so expensive and at everything is either fully booked or mega expensive. So about 5 of us are going to live in Sydney than get a camper van and hit the coast. It will take around 3months to do, than fly back down to Melbourne for the Grand Prix. Going to be a brilliant adventure. So were going to get part times jobs till then to pay for our rent and stuff.

On Saturday a few of us decided to go for a walk and went over to the North Side of Sydney. We walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge which seemed to take for ever. Got a load of Snaps from the walk. Chilled out on the other side for a bit. Mostly residential area and office buildings.

I cant really remember what I’ve been up to this week, So tomorrow I’m going to buy a diary so it’s a more interesting read and get the dates write.

Today me, Aaron and Matt went to Manly today as a whale was spotted in the Harbour a few days ago but it wasn’t around today, which was disappointing. But we played football on the beach and tackled my mate Aaron. Caught his ankle and its all swelled up. Keeps limping about this evening. Keep telling him it’s a mans game. Last night we gathered in the TV room to watch England in the Rugby cup final. The ref was awful. Everyone was jumping about when we scored the Try, Bias having an Australian 3rd ref. The commentary is funny over here because all they do is slate England in everything we do. They are not every good losers over here which we found out when we beat them in the quarter finals.

This week I we’re going to plan for a few of us to spend a few days in the Blue Mountains. There a really nice hostel out there. Takes around an hour to get there from where were staying. This week I moved in the Church, About 26 people stay in this massive room in the hostel. Only like 60pounds a week to stay.


Will update this next week! Also Updated a few pic’s for you!!

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Hi Austin, I see you are getting about a bit,have you been up to the Blue Mountains yet,. Dad seems to be enjoying his self ,its a little warm there at the moment.The area where you did some work, with the long train journey,we have been there quite a few times in the shopping mall,it is very close to Mike's and Ves place where we stayed.I will text sometime have got your phone number, keep on exploring ,it is a big country,enjoy yourself.Luv Nan and Grandad xx

  J.E.SAMPSON Nov 26, 2007 1:11 AM

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