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Trip: South American Adventures

There are [7] stories from my trip: South American Adventures

Going with the flow in Arequipa, and being blown away...

PERU | Friday, 20 Apr 2012 | Views [320]

Arequipa, the Colca Canyons and the unexpected highs and benefits of having no preconceived expecations... The last few days have been completely beyond my expectations. I have just come off an extreme high (and even more extreme low - homesickness?!!! ... Read more >

Tags: canyons, trekking

A Love Affair... In Buenos Aires.

ARGENTINA | Friday, 23 Mar 2012 | Views [407]

Buenos Aires I have been told that you cant claim to 'really' have been in Buenos Aires until you have stepped (with much gusto of course!) into one of the prolific dog poohs scattered everywhere through out the city... This is no difficult feat in ... Read more >

Tags: love... passion... life...

Paraty - and meeting a kindred spirit - a local brazilian

BRAZIL | Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012 | Views [607]

Brune.  A beautiful young brazilian woman I met in Paraty at a youth hostel.  Someone I would call a kindred spirit.  Young at heart, full of life with an energy that glows from deep within.  Maybe this is typical of Brazilians?  I dont know, but ... Read more >

Tags: paraty - a truly beautiful unesco listed town

Life Inspiration?!

BRAZIL | Friday, 9 Mar 2012 | Views [263]

backpacking... it allows one to meet people from all walks of life. throughout my many years of backpacking I have met many different people.  Some I talk to on the travel, swap details with but leave on the bedside drawer.  And then you meet those ... Read more >

Tags: life thoughts...

Ilha Grande, Brazil

BRAZIL | Thursday, 8 Mar 2012 | Views [251] | Comments [2]

It's been a while, but trust me, i have not missed any form of computer/network or laptop... Ilha Grande is one of those islands that just hypnotises you.  it draws you in.  it forces you to love it. yesterday was all about 'the' tourist activity ... Read more >

Tags: ilha grande - beach island

Day 1 - Rio and the taste of freedom

BRAZIL | Sunday, 4 Mar 2012 | Views [199] | Comments [1]

For the first time it has finally sunk in.  I am no longer employed.  No need to report in to anybody.  Able to get up as and when - and where! - i feel like!  What a feeling.  Surreal.  In fact, I have still not been able to stumble on the right ... Read more >

My life - all 8 kilos of it!

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 3 Mar 2012 | Views [215] | Comments [2]

8 kilos.  Yes, that is right.  You read correctly.  8 kilos is what my backpack weighed at the airport.  That is all I will have from home as I set off to start my 4.5 month adventure as a newly fledged backpacker.   My list - obviously, was rather ... Read more >