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Life Inspiration?!

BRAZIL | Friday, 9 March 2012 | Views [263]

backpacking... it allows one to meet people from all walks of life.

throughout my many years of backpacking I have met many different people.  Some I talk to on the travel, swap details with but leave on the bedside drawer.  And then you meet those you instantly connect with, you feel an affinity or connection with, that you might only stay in touch with over emails but love nevertheless... 

This trip is throwing all sorts at me.

Today we talked about feeling like a failure... interesting thought.  a young, very likeable guy, lots of potential, with what should be a fulfilling life ahead of him.  he has it all going for him.  intelligence, education, wit, great background and family.  why then did he confide today that he is probably depressed with life?  that he was sick for 2 weeks and these 2 idle weeks made him 'flick the switch'?  you know... i guess anyone of us could probably be the same.  an idle mind allows for much misdemeanour.  it is so easy to lose sight of your end goal in life.  in fact, what is an 'end goal'?

do you have one?  how do you define this?  i tried to think about this today.  I walked for 11 hours.  I had a lot of time to ponder it.  Yet I couldn't come up with one determinate way of forming my one end goal!!! ha!  does this make me a hypocrite?  i recommended he creates a to-do list - sometimes nothing beats that feeling of satisfaction of being able to tick another to-do odd the list.  a short term, a medium term and a longer-term list... sounds so easy.  but i dont have on, so surely i AM a hypocrite!  I wish i could come up with my ultimate long term goal and to do list!

Anyway, what i thought would be interesting would be to hear whether you have read any great books, studies/articles, blogs etc around this topic.  It would be great to share and hear your thoughts... if you'd rather send it privately, email me at [email protected] and I can share it with the rest of the group anonymously.

Carpe Diem people!  Seize the day!  remember life is short, make the most of it!

Love you all!

ps.. my view on inspiration.....   inspiration comes from perspiration.  the more you work, the more inspired and energised you become! 

as Nike says... "Just do it!  nike!"  how many times has your alarm gone off and you've talked yourself out of going for that run?  next time, why dont you just do it?  you wont regret it.  trust me!  that fresh faced look and the buzzing adrenalin high?  nothing beats it!  and you KNOW IT!!  Love life!

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