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INDONESIA | Thursday, 21 August 2008 | Views [692] | Comments [3]

hi again. You can see our new photo album from the rice paddies in the center of the island. we are going back to the beach tomorrow. We are having so much fun. I saw my friend sean he is so cool. he likes skateboarding like me but I know some more tricks. we used to live together but we don't remember because we were 1 yr and 2 yrs old. he is 9 now and I am 8. My mom took us on a bike tour in the villages with me and sean and mom. It was sooo cool. First we went to a volcano and you could see the crater. We ate a breakfast buffet there. then we went to a coffee farm. they make a kind of coffee where a cat called a civet eats the coffee fruit, and then poops it out. Then they clean off the poop and get the coffee bean. Then they sell it as coffee and it cost $100 a kilo which is the most expensive coffee in the world. We saw the civets and they love all kinds of fruit. At the farm they had a cinnamon tree, a vanilla tree, a coffee tree, a chocolate tree, a snake fruit tree, and so much more that I forget. We tried coffee, ginseng coffee which is good for men, lemongrass tea (my favorite), ginger tea, and fresh hot chocolate. Then we got on the bikes and rode through so many places. It was mostly downhill. Everybody came out and the kids said hello, hello, hello, everywhere. We learned about rice. they have old rice which is tall and new rice which is short. We walked in the rice paddy. we learned about a bali holiday called gulangen. It was yesterday. Everything was closed and everybody was celebrating. It is a holiday about the good spirit winning over the bad spirit. My mom said she hopes my good spirit wins over my bad spirit. Then we went to a real balinese family house and ate a big lunch. I could eat anything I wanted. I like sate which is meat on a stick. Also rice. I tried duck too it was good. My friend sean ate the most sate sticks. They had a pet fruit bat there too and we fed it carrots and passionfruit. It was hanging upsidedown all the time.

The next day we went to a place called treetops with my dad and his girlfriend juli and my mom. I like juli a lot. she is the principal of a school here. She is from australia. At treetops my dad and I did an adventure course in the trees. There was ziplines and tightropes, and nets and swinging like tarzan. All the people thought I was so brave because I wasn't afraid even of the hardest course. You learned how to hook your harness onto everyting and you have to stay hooked all the time never unhooked. You have two hooks and if you want to change wires you only unhook one and then hook it to the new challenge. Then you unhook the other one and hook it together on the new wire. I liked to learn about that.

ok, bye and I will tell my mom to put the pictures soon.



Obsidian, Wow, It looks like you're having a great time. The pictures of the rice paddies were unbelieveable. Its nice seeing old friends even if you don't remember them. When we lived in Japan we also saw a vulcano. Your Grandpa and I climbed Mt. Fuji and slept on top. It's kind of spooky looking into the crater. It took us along time to walk up, but then we got to run all the way down. That was much easier and more fun. The top of tree place you talked about sounded neat. I'm scared of heights thou so it would take me alittle time to get used to. When Your second cousin Stacey was in school, we did a confidence course that had a zip wire and cables that you had to walk on. I don't know how but I was able to do it. Maybe I didn't want to show the kids how scared I was.Say hi to your Mom , Uncle Al

  Uncle Al Aug 23, 2008 10:45 PM


Well, I found out why I could read everyone's comments except mine. I wasn't doing everything to send them. So you have to imagine what i said before. You are having such an adventure, Obsidian. I envy you. Great Grandpa and I liked to travel very much, and we would have loved to have seen everything that you are seeing. When we lived in Japan, our neighbors had rice paddies and we could watch the rice growing and being harvested. We went to a rice planting festival in the spring and that was a lot of fun. Planting rice is very hard work because you have to bend alot, but now I think that they have machines to do that. It's nice that you have a friend there too. It's alot more fun doing thangs with someone your own age. I hope that you are taking alot of pictures so that you can look at them and remember your trip. Hugs and kisses from G.G.

  G.G. Aug 23, 2008 11:43 PM


Hi, Kim and Obsidian. Just browsed your journals and viewed all the pictures. Seemed that you really had good time in Indonesia. The rice fields are really beautiful. In fact, they are more beautiful than I have thought. It looks clean and not the same as in China. We can imagine how good it has been riding bicycle in the country. We are just back from Hokkaido vacation. We did rafting. Jeffrey is the first time doing this. Me too. We just got some good pictures which were taken by one of the coaches during the rafting trip. Will send to you some for sharing.

Love from Jeffrey and Stella, Hong Kong.

  Stella and Jeffrey Aug 27, 2008 1:04 AM

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