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My Scholarship entry - India: Traditional vs. Modern Lifestyle

India | Sunday, January 6, 2013 | 5 photos

Why do I take pictures? Well, somehow gradually and naturally it has become a part of my habitual routine while I am away on my consecutive assignment as a volunteer or just visiting a place as a tourist. It has become a part of my "job", but I'm not a professional. It has become a new passion. I admire people who can paint. I myself can't, it's a special gift, which I lack, BUT I have the photography instead. It gives me the opportunity to express my admiration for the beauty of the world and enjoy it again and again and again... It creates eternal moments!
I'd love to learn how to improve on techniques and get to know some tips and tricks of the profession. I may even consider making it my new profession. Actually, when it's added up to my other passions, which are traveling, writing, socializing with people from different cultures, communicating ideas and given the fact that I'm a historian by education and a teacher by vocation, all the pieces of the puzzle fit in perfectly and the overall image becomes quite vivid and downright tempting and delightful for me. Just the kind I'd love to see realized :).

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