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Temperate Grasslands. its all about the small journey i take.i love making ordinary things to extraordinary.And the adventure that comes along with it..............

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

India | Friday, 4 November 2011 | 5 photos

Hi my name is Moramee Das,Im a Tae kwon do black belt,Swimmer,Cyclist,Triathlete and Aquathelete .Beside that, I'm a freelance writer and photography is my hobby.I'm a Masters in English and think that literature is such a subject where things can be interpreted and explored in relevant sense to different level of understanding.In photography also i see the same connection even-though the logical sense can be erased.I don’t possess an D-SLR but the moment I get a job will sure buy one.I got a Nikon L -100 a Compact camera and make the best use of it by experimenting it in different way I can.Basically I prefer nature and wildlife but in near future will sure experiment with street photography and portraiture etc.One thing I like about photography is that it captures the extraordinary in the ordinary;it is like the genie’s bottle :that creates and the photographer becomes a :semi God.
The photos I have sent in the competition are raw. It was a Diwali (festival of lights) time in the month of October2011 in India, in this festive occasion people light up their houses and this is the best part ,the entire streets are lighten up.As I was strolling to get some snaps of my neighborhood…..the pictures came out to be blurred,but when I shooked the camera a bit -it gave a different look.So these photographs are the result of an experimentation on the Diwali night .And as per as questioned :my photographs should be selected because It contains experimentation,radicalness,flexibility,interpretation,creativity&change …. And just to note that it is a total work of an amateur photographer………………i hope u will like it?