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Temperate Grasslands. its all about the small journey i take.i love making ordinary things to extraordinary.And the adventure that comes along with it..............

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Monday, 20 September 2010 | 5 photos

the photographs uploaded here were not 'exactly what i expected'.i went for something else and ended with something else .i was on a sanctuary with my cousin but as the forest official didn't allowed us to go, so we had to take another route where-----------we had to walk against the waterfall.meeting with some locals there we explored the lower parts of the forest.with these photos i want to show that there are many places in Guwahati that are left to be exposed.
I always wanted to make ordinary things extraordinary and here i think i have done it.

i think i should be selected in this scholarship because i have the zeal of going to the deepest aspect of photography (although i didnt had any training in this field i secured a second position in inter state level).i think this scholarship will take out my skills to another level.
i m prepared for any situation and im sincere in my work .As im an triathlete and tae kwon do blackbelt i think that this quality will help me in my passion for photography .i love adventure and can go to any limit .i am an explorer by nature .so i think im quite perfect for this *nature and wildlife photography* stuff.