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Day... Seven? FIRE (not)

FRANCE | Sunday, 2 December 2007 | Views [1237] | Comments [2]

Today is a relaxing day.

It's raining outside, and i'm talking to australian people on msn. Yey.

The girls who went out last time had a terrible night.

Um... chocolate is good.

OMG update!
i was chatting to everyone a few minutes ago - an had gone for a run - when i hear discordant tones under the sound of the song i was listening to. I turned off the music - the fire alarm was going! it was so loud and scary, i panicked, grabbed my laptop and mobile, ran downstairs in my pyjamas! my heart was racing, i didn't know what floor the fire was on - realised i'd left my passport and tickets in my bag - why didn't i remember them in my room? also no shoes, no real clothes - wearing a tshirt and my PJ bottoms - heart racing, mind trying to think of everything at once - i was meant to take the stairs right? going down the stairs - no one in the corridors, where is everyone? why isn't anyone running out of their rooms too? the building's on fire? going down the stairs - second floor, maybe i should run into the courtyard on the second floor - it's wet outside - no shoes - run down more stairs - i can smell smoke as i go further down - ah fuck the fire's on the ground floor - get to the ground floor, can definately smell smoke, oh god, run towards reception - will ask them what's happening - what if the fire's in my way? arrive at reception "qu'est-ce qui se passe?!!!!!!"

amanda's there, looking worried. She was smoking in her room. And set off the fire alarm. We are told the police are coming. The french staff there very angry at her. My heart is still racing - beating so hard, my brain still not understanding it's ok. when i do, at first relief - thank god. Then i realise ana's gonna be coming back from her run soon. I took her key when i ran out of my room. Finally Sylvia and some others from our group come down - Sylvia appears very angry / disappointed at Amanda.

I can hear sirens now.

An arrives - fire alarm finally goes off - initially angry at amanda for being such an idiot, then realise she's in a lot of trouble, feel sorry for her, give her a few hugs - we go back upstairs while Sylvia waits for the police with Amanda - come back, realise what an idiot am i i left the door to my room open when i flung it open to get out of here.. such a silly.

Was going to call mum as i ran down the stairs.

Next time, shall remember my passport and plane ticket, as well as laptop & mobile. Maybe even some shoes.

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hahaha and i thought u were a nut case standing downstairs with your laptop in pjs hehehe HUGS

  anabobana Dec 3, 2007 12:41 AM


Nic, if it's any consolation, I have done the EXACT same thing in the past at home (the whole laptop thing).

Love Samy xx

  Samy JJ Dec 3, 2007 6:53 PM

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