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Waiting at the Airport

MALAYSIA | Monday, 26 November 2007 | Views [834] | Comments [4]

Post began: 12.28am (Melbourne Time)
Approx 9.30pm in KL.

After walking around this airport (and getting a tad lost a few times… all the shops look the same!) I’ve given up – it’s too humid, the air is thick with the smell of fermenting fruit – even though I haven’t been outside yet! Luckily for me the plane pulled up right next to the airport… I think I’m going to have to catch a bus to my next flight. It’s 13 hours long, and I wonder how I will pass the time. I know I should sleep but even now – when if I were in Melbourne I would easily fall asleep – I feel wide awake. I got a rude shock when I arrived here and needed to use the toilets… it’s a whole in the ground… no toilet paper, but a hose you can hose yourself down with. I think I’ll wait for the plane – even if it is several hours away. I’m lucky here that most people speak English, although the guy at the Transfers desk got his numbers mixed up big time.

On the eight-hour flight we flew over Air’s Rock and had an awesome view… quite incredible really, although I don’t think I have any compulsion to go there. Probably should, if only for one day to climb that thing. It was always an achievement in primary school for people to climb Ayre’s Rock. What a weird primary should I went to.

Philippa: I watched High School Musical and High School Musical 2. I have this to say: the reason why Disney has such great success with its musicals: it always ensures there is real emotion in the voices, not just that they’re hitting the right guy. Also, what a (good) change in Zac Efron from the first film to the second!

I also read Cosmo (I bought it and Cleo) on the way over. The guy next to me was an old man – grey hair, just brushing his shoulders. He was a professor from the Uni of Adelaide going to KL to examine a thesis (yes, I snooped). I wanted to say that I was a student too… but then I just watched the Simpsons Movie and Pussy Cat Dolls instead.

Simpsons was pretty good at the start – made me laugh out aloud a few times within the first 20 minutes… but other than that nothing really new or interesting… just a “blow up” of your typical Simpsons episode – like the Rugrats movie!

There is a diamond / jewellery store here called “Habib”.
There are quite a few police here… they’re very small! There are quite a few women too – with suits tailored to accentuate their curves – and they all wear headscarves.

And with their public telephones and drinking water taps, they have two heights for them - one low, one high. I wonder if it's for children or the very small people in Malaysia? Although some of my airhostesses were significanly taller than me and i though they were asian.

My beautiful new watch that mum bought me at melb airport's batteries decided to die about 10 minutes into the flight. Good omen or not? It means i'm running around not terribly sure what the time is. I'll see how much it is in Paris to get a new battery - if it's not that much difference, i'll get it in Paris just for the convenience.

Um… that’s about it. Getting paranoid about drug dealers sneaking things into my bags

And slowly becoming more and more excited about Paris… I’ve fantasized about being there for so long, and it’s only a flight away!

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Hey Nic, I remember being blown away by the scenery over Ayer's Rock (...ok, Uluru) in '73, while listening to Eric Claptonn's 'Layla' Interesting plumbing there!, I had to get the plumber in to unblock yours but it was minor. Jed is at my feet as I type, we explored the nature strip this morning. I woke the dogs and him up this morning and they just greeted each other in pasing, one or two snifs and off to different pastures. Anyway, hope you slept and Paris is all that you hoped! Love, D.

  Dad Nov 26, 2007 9:29 AM


sounds like its not such a baaaad trip! with movies and cosmo and cleo, how can you go wrong?

  Bess Nov 26, 2007 12:39 PM


Hi sweetie
I am so glad you half-enjoyed the first leg of your flight. Just waiting with baited breath until I hear from you in Paris. You should be arriving very soon.


  Mum Nov 26, 2007 2:00 PM


Hi honey,
You obviously arrived safe and sound. It sounds like you got quite ill on the plane - the pills may not have lasted the distance.
I am guessing that since you got on the bus that you found anna easily enough and the rest of the Paris gang fairly quickly.
did you have any problems getting your luggage or through customs?
Jed is chewing his little heart away on some cardboard in the studio...I hope it's not important.
How cold is it? Have you got enough warm clothes?

I love you....can't wait to hear your next instalment.


  Mummy Nov 26, 2007 8:59 PM

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