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Mozambique Fishing

My Scholarship entry - Hard Living

Mozambique | Saturday, 22 November 2014 | 4 photos

When I post my photos on social media, I share more info on the animal/bird and the shot. People genuinely seem to care and want to know how they can make a difference. I want to do that on larger scale and not just for "grown ups" but also for kids as well. I have a couple kids following me and they can't believe what our rhinos are facing. The ability to evoke emotion and to get people caring, that's why I love photography so much - some say the pen is mightier then the sword but a photograph done correctly can speak countless words across all culture barriers. That in it's self drives me to take better photographs.

I go to gym, then studying photography, post on social media, I have made mistakes but I have also done a lot of travling, SA in in the down turn of the recession - magazines closing down. Have had article published (free) as I have nothing current in my portfolio, posted on africageographic.com blog elephant/wild dog showdown.
IN A NUT SHELL. I need to work on my portfolio to approach local and overseas editors, in order to get paid work so I can do pro-bona work for wildlife charities such as DSWT and I want to work with cameras for conservation as the kids are the future. I need your help.

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