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African Women. Incredibly strong, when full must weigh +/- 20kilos

African Women. Incredibly strong, when full must weigh +/- 20kilos

More about me. 

 I am the first one to wake up and the last one to go to sleep (I generally feel that sleep is overrated), I go to gym every day, from there I am in front of my computer editing, then learning more about photography - I am studying part time photography through OCA in the UK.

Then I am posting on - 

Twitter https://twitter.com/nickyblue78 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nickybluephotography/photos

Instagram http://instagram.com/nickyblue78


I have website but I pulled that down as I had people's stealing my photos, then posting them on Instagram but not giving me the credit and I have closed a LinkedIn account - following people's bad advice.  

I am have taken part in big competitions like National Geographic Travel Photo contest but as yet I haven’t won anything and nothing as happened from that. On Instagram with FNB last year my baby rhino with mom photo was a runner up then this year my white lion photo won online contest for boomf magical mallows. 

 I am also blogging about my travels on Kiss From The World at https://www.kissfromtheworld.com/blogposts.php?id=2629 as well as on Matador Community http://matadornetwork.com/community/Nickyblue78/. I Had one of my articles published for (free) Wild Horses of the Namib as I have nothing current in my portfolio and I wrote an article for (free) on the wild dog and elephant integration for Africa Geographic's blog - the magazine as shut down. 

 I have managed to do a couple of workshops as well as a mini workshop, this year at the photo and film expo and were I attended Exposed by Deryck van Steenderen. He was saying that he knows of photographers that are now selling their gear, cars and houses - it's absolutely detrimental that we need to know what we are doing. We are currently on the back end of the recession and quite a few of the magazines that I would have liked to have written and taken photographs for have shut down. But I need more travel photography experience, someone tapping me on the shoulder and saying - why are you using that lens, or shoot from that angle or saying I know you are really excited but look at how I am doing it first. 

 I have made some good mistakes and I have made some bad mistakes in my life. But, I have done a fair amount of traveling throughout the world, so I am not using this as a tool to travel. South Africa is my home and but right now I am focusing on just traveling though Africa. I believe there is just such a gap and we and have so much to offer the world. 

 When I post my photos on social media, I usually share more information on either a bird or animal  and their status i.e. African Skimmers. Which are near threatened on the IUCN red list and then how I got the shot, such as by going to gym, to get stronger arms for sharp photographs. People genuinely seem to care and want to know how they can make a difference and I want to do that on larger scale and not just for "grown ups" but also for kids as well. I have a couple kids following and they can't believe the dire situation our rhinos are facing. The ability to evoke emotion and to get people caring, that's why I love photography so much - some say the pen is mightier then the sword but a photograph done correctly can speak countless words across all culture barriers. That in its self drives me to take better photographs.


IN A NUT SHELL. I need to work on my portfolio to approach local and overseas editors, in order to get paid work so I can do pro-bona work for wildlife charities such as DSWT and I want to work with cameras for conservation as the kids are the future.


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About nickyblue2014

African Women. Incredibly strong, when full must weigh +/- 20kilos

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