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All I want is a bed

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 4 November 2007 | Views [584]

It is 9:20am and for some god aweful reason I am awake and up. 

It is the third day in a row that I have gone to bed at 6am or later and woken up at 9:20.  This is not by my choice. 

After being thrilled about finishing my spanish course and having the option of sleeping in I was informed that my bed was not avalible saturday morning and that I would need to change beds.  This was fine, except that they also informed me that I would have to be up and out of my room by 10.

Thats just fine, I can handle that once.  So, after going to  a club, dansing a bit and exiting to find that it was light out and 6:30am.  I returned to the hostel to fall asleep at 7, getting up a mear 2 and a half hours later to pack my bags and get ready for the move....

"What room am I moving to?"

"Let me check... oh, wait, your not moving till tomorrow morning"

Great... got up and packed for nothing, and I have to do it again Sunday morning.  This information would have been nice to know earlier.

Sunday Sunday morning:  this time the sunshine wasn´t quite as much of a shock, but waking up 2 hours after going to sleep still wasn´t high on my "really fun things to do" list.  I´d gotten smart since Saturday and this time had not packed my bags. 

"What room am I moving to?"

"Oh... we extended your bed for another night, you don´t have to move till tomorrow morning..."

Great, another day of sleep broken up by breakfast three hours after going to bed. 

This time it wasn´t so bad.  Sunday night all that was scheduled was a hostel bbq, and I was planning on getting some quality shut eye as soon as possible after stuffing my face with half my body weight of beef.... but then there was the weekly texas hold´em game.  Only a $10 peson buy in... starting at 1:30 in the morning... why not, sounds like a great idea right... and I wasn´t doing half bad till about 4:30.  I was actually kicking some ass till sleep deprivation force me to become stupid and go all in on a pair of Jacks... and you know, when I went out there were only 2 people left... I couldn´t just go to bed not knowing who won the pot...

Bed with the sun again.

But this morning I woke up at 9... ready to get to my new bed, only to be informed that the couple leaving my new room, one of whose beds I was taking, were not yet awake... and now I´ve packed, eaten breakfast, surfed the web, writen this, and they are still not out of their room...

Hopefully at somepoint durring my 17 days in Buenos Aires I´ll get a full 8 hours of sleep, but it sure as hell is not going to be today. 

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