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My Travel Writing Scholarship 2011 entry - My Big Adventure

WORLDWIDE | Monday, 28 March 2011 | Views [428] | Scholarship Entry

Precious Adventure in the Black Wilderness

We ascend up the mountainside of Palala to find the grassy plain of untamed plantations that grow excessively. Wild grasses that have grown past my waist are rich gold-colored, while the bushes also show the similar yellowish shades of hot mid-summer days. The air is thickly dry and upmost clean without any spot of dark pollution at all, showing the rare heaven on earth of godliness, biting our skin every now and then, not really care to its contrary partner, the air, which cool breeze silently tickles my hair, slowly moving between the leaves of middle high trees that scattered around us. The bright blue sky crowns in pride high upon us, the sun rises high in the east beaming its extravagant golden ray across the vast rich azure crossing as far as eyes can perceive. Sounds of crackles calmly heard in close distance, each time my foot steps on the ground, playfully showing the lifeless grass and woods that accentuates the dry yellow-brown earth. Finally we arrive in the oasis of this desiccated scenery, the long winding river of the black continent.
Widely spread in between the slopes of massive hills, the Palala stream runs beneath our feet, boasting its cool water and big rocks. Locals say that people must be careful while playing in this river, since rhinos sometimes show their curiosity on who’s attracting their nose… we must remain cautious while being playful at the same time. It is yet noon but the sunshine bites my skin, the perfect reason why one must not forget to apply plenty sun blocking cream all over the body, and put a hat and a pair of spectacles on. The water shines so bright under the sun, colors playing in gradients magnificently, inviting us to join its calm stream in ecstasy. Cannot wait to touch the transparently fresh clean water of the river with big and small stones underneath, I run down the narrow hill slope from where I stood before, right through the downstream river closely below. The wind blowing my hair whilst I speed up my pace, the sun smiling friendly upon my face making it glitter the way it creates the beautiful shining shades of the stream, the rocks, the green grass aside the river, and flying me to seventh heaven when I touch the water with my hands, splashing it to my face, and give the next chance to my free my feet from tiresome.
The magnificent aroma of earth’s godliness environment, that I experiences several years ago, is never to be forgotten, the one true beauty that I long to see again someday shall God give me a second chance, the fantastic feelings to be in the southern cape of the black continent… Lapalala Wilderness Experience.

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