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Muli Bwanji? My trip to Malawi ... This journal is about my trip to Malawi. Find out everything about what I did, the people I met and the blessings I received. Share the experience with me!

About natasha


I am Natasha Neilson, an 18 year-old South African. I've lived in Belgium for the last two years but am now moving back to the UK for university where I will be studying Music. I have been raised as a Christian my whole life but accepted Jesus as my personal saviour about 4 years ago. I got baptised two years ago in a lake in Poland and for the last two years I have been trying to reach out to the people around me. It is very tough being a christian teenager in Europe and I found it very difficult to share what God has done in my life with the people I care about. I've recently been on a trip to Malawi and have been really blessed, challenged and encouraged by the people I met there (read my journal and you'll hear all about it!) So now, I have this new fire in me that's just ready to tell people all about Jesus! After all, why should I be ashamed about the one who saved me?

So yeah, that's me! Have fun reading about my trip!

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