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Surreal - Part #4

THAILAND | Sunday, 27 April 2014 | Views [442]

Let's not make the same mistake again, I didn't save after 60 minutes and there goes my post. It's the 2nd time it's happening to me. I should pay more attention to the time next time round.

The previous night was pretty much a stoned night. Originally we planned to go for water rafting but figured that if we were to do that, we wouldn't have time to just chill during the day so we decided to head to Ton Sai and Railay since A and J did recommend us those 2 beaches. So we did. We woke up and we went to the reception first to inform them about the problem with the television set before we rode to find places to grab our breakfast. Or was it lunch? Brunch, I mean. But before that, we did more souvenirs shopping and we did shopped quite a bit. Then off to find the Post Office because I wanted to mail my letters to and I needed stamps for the postcards too. We decided to have brunch at the shop across the road from the Post Office. We then rode back to our hotel because the pier to get on the boat to Ton Sai was just directly across our hotel. Each ticket costs us a 100฿ and we had to wait for quite a bit because they need 10 people before they decide to move and we were short of 3 people and guess what? We forgot to leave our helmets with our bike so we ended up carrying it around in Ton Sai and Railay. How silly.

The journey was quick and I'm pretty sure we sail pass those two beaches the previous day during our Krabi 4 Islands Tour. About half of the passengers alighted at Ton Sai while the other half continued their ride to Railay which is just beside Ton Sai. The sand were pretty rough and the shore was a little rocky. Well, untill it was low tide then I realized how rocky it was - damn rocky! I actually wanted to swim but we decided to settle down at Viking Bar first after walking around the area.

Viking Bar is definitely the perfect place for someone like me. It didn't matter that there were plenty of flies and flying insects. With all the hammocks hanging, I just wanted to settle down there. It's such a quite and calming place. I wish I'm there instead of being on the mattress now in my room. How I miss that place deeply.

Spoke to the bartender whom I assume is the owner of the bar too and told him that A and J told us to come here. He recalled and said that both of them were always around to chill here and I wished I came to Krabi slightly earlier then I'd have been able to hang out with them. A very laid back guy and we decided to get our Chang and a shake and let him continue his game of pool with his friends while we settled on the hammock. With the breeze and the stunning view, it was just a perfect place to be after a long day previously. As usual, we chilled in comfortable silence and flew to another planet while we're on the verge of sleeping.

Of course, a lot of things went through my mind and I wish I could write or even drew but I didn't know why I didn't take the time to do so. Probably because I just wanted to indulge in every single second of that moment. Things that I couldn't comprehend and things that I could. It came to a point where I could honestly say that I'm contented and blessed and that I've never been happier. Looking back at how things were a year ago, I was a mess. Everything about me was a mess and I think I grew up a lot, mentally. I would have read if I brought my books but I totally forgot about books for this trip so that was quite disappointing. As I was thinking, my eyes drifted away to the amazing rock formations and it got stuck on one of the huge formation and I kept seeing faces on it. I wanted to draw them all because it would be interested but then again I just wanted to indulge in that moment so I didn't. I would have asked Nan but he was drifting away in his own world but after we left the place, he did mention that we saw plenty of faces too. At least I'm not the only one! After a few hours we decided to make a move and we grabbed some food at the stall beside Viking Bar itself.

I still wanted to swim but the tide was low and it's so full of rocks and the thought of stepping on rocks while I swim didn't please me at all so we decided to just head straight to Railay. To be honest, I really don't know how to walk to Railay. Chang told us we could kayak but looking at our state and the state of our pockets, we decided to just walk since I kept seeing people walking from the far end of the shore. We could walk because it's low tide and actually there's a proper trail to follow but we thought that was for the rock climbers because there's quite a number of climbers that were preparing for their climb. How silly of us not to ask. So we walked by the rocky shoreline which wasn't that bad at first but damn, it got a little challenging after a while. The rocks were sharp and it felt like we signed up for rock climbing but without safety harnesses because we had to climb over a few rocks that were really slippery and sharp. Definitely not the kind of thing to do when you're not sober and clearly we weren't sober at all! I'm on my alert mode so I kept seeing creatures like crabs moving on the rocks. It was very scary especially when your legs start to get shaky and I wished I could have taped it all but I was just too focused and I didn't want either of us to fall because we would injure ourselves pretty badly. We then saw two ladies in their bikini and barefooted so we asked if we're reaching Railay and they said it's just behind them and I was thinking, "Wow, those ladies sure is something. Walking towards Ton Sai barefooted on those kinda rocks?" Just wow. We made it to Railay safely!

My feet sunk into the warmest and softest sand that I've ever felt in a very long time. I wanted to do sand angels! The view was just beyond stunning though the waters weren't as clear as Poda, it didn't matter. I loved every single bit of that island. We placed our bags in the sand and decided to swim since I didn't get to swim at Ton Sai. Nan wasn't very keen on being in the water because of his freshly done tattoo but he went inside anyway! After we got out, he said that we should go for massage by the beach and we did. As much as I'm uncomfortable of getting massages, I think I deserve to pamper myself every now and then and of course it felt damn good. They folded us like we're clothes! We also got our foot scrubbed and it was ticklish but it was so relaxing. We figured since we're feeling all relaxed, might as well just head back to Ao Nang after we're done so we did that. We didn't have to wait long this time round but we alighted at the pier that's further from our hotel but it didn't matter since we could walk and dry ourselves before reaching the hotel. While on the boat there was this lady who spoke to me asking if I was wearing a Tegan & Sara shirt which I did and asked if I've seen them live. Of course not since I didn't have the chance to when they were in Singapore but my previous lover bought it for me because she was there. I would have conversed more with her but I was just so tired I guess, but sea sickness was getting to her and she puked after she went off the boat. We got some bracelets done while walking back to our hotel and bought some banana and chocolate pancakes.

I saw this one shirt that I really like and I know it's not cheap but I tried to bargain anyway. I'd get it the next time I'm there. I bargained and he was really funny, he took a pair of thongs and gave me and said that for the price I gave, I can only get that. Nice one, really. Served me right!

We got back to our room and washed up and rest a little before heading out again. Wrote on my postcards and mailed it at the mailbox opposite the hotel before riding to Center Point to get our bracelets by the road side. Another pancake and a bottle of Chang again because we decided to get more bracelets done to give as souvenirs before heading to Mr. Long Bar again.

We made it a point to go to Mr. Long Bar during our stay there. I really loved the place and the ambience there. Doesn't matter that there's a lot of mosquitoes. The cats there are really cute too. One of the reason why I loved the place so much is also because it's pretty secluded. Plus Mr. Long and his crew are very approachable! Especially Chang and Mr. Long himself. Nan said he wants to retire like him. Who wouldn't, eh? But the sad thing is, the place was closing in a few days time because that area is going to be used for hotel development. Basically, on our 1st night there, there were about 3 more bars there. But on this day, only his bar was open. The rest was torn down already. But rest assured, Mr. Long Bar will be easier to find the next time round because it'll be by the road side and there'll be one near Nopparattara Beach too.

As usual we had our usual beers, chilled and talked. We left the bar and decided to check out the night life at Center Point. We went to Chang Bar and it was their Happy Hours and we got ourselves a bucket. Danced a little and decided to get back to the hotel since we were quite tired. Once we were back in the room, Nan was in the mood to watch lesbian movies and as he said that, two girls were kissing on the screen! We were a little shocked. Come on, we don't get such things in Singapore, it'll be censored! It was in Thai so we couldn't understand anything but really, I do want to pick up the language. Because I foresee myself exploring Thailand in the years to come. I'm already planning one in October this year.

We finally fell asleep after smoking so much and after a cup of instant noodles. It was Songkran the next day so I'm pretty damn excited! So I'll talk about that in the next post and have a great week ahead!

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