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My Scholarship entry - Daydreaming Mongolia

Mongolia | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

I am a Latvian who grew up with cameras Zenit and Minsk, and I thank my dad from all my heart for his hobby of those years and for giving me the passion for photography, as when a child, I spent many days revealing pictures with him. I believe this is also a reason I love pure photography and fixed lens.
Years later I am a photography graduate in Spain, but have not really jumped into it as a professional. It’s seems a difficult task, especially living abroad with few contacts. I believe this scholarship would be such an opportunity to start up in this field.
I hope to achieve the ability to transmit the emotion through my pictures, to make the watcher see and feel the place and people like I felt it.
The few times I have traveled to far and different destinations, all my feelings were very intensified. The happy state I get when travelling is that gives me inspiration and makes me want to take pictures. Travelling and photography together is the best emotional explosion.

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