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I got a sheep killed!

TURKEY | Sunday, 19 August 2007 | Views [2619] | Comments [1]

Yup...they killed a sheep right there. It took about 25 minuted 'till the boy opened, cleaned, and got it on the grill - delicious.

At the same place, I made other friends who helped me out getting in touvh w/ my contact in T'bilisi - Jumber Lezhava. Jumber holds the Guinness Book record of the most countries visited by bicycle - 238 countries in 10 years. He's recognized by UN as a "world citizen" - no visa needed on any country which is part of the UN.

Went to T'bilisi, joined my new friends to celebrate a new-born from some other guy. Got drunk in their house, spoke about the Russian war, gave them hell (joking)about them making my ride through Afghanistan a hell 'cause of the land-mines left by them. I actually met a few soldiers who were there during the Russian-Afghan war. They told me some ugly things, including the fact they killed children 'cause kids were also carrying guns...well...mmmmm!

The next mornig, on my first hung over, I met Jumber at his office. We had a chat and went to his sister's house for lunch. Iso, his sister, is the sweetest...she kept saying: "Jame Rodrigo, jame!" (Eat Rodrigo, eat!)She was always putting food in front of me, taking me to restaurants, with Jumber, to her frineds house, and was always concerned about what time was Jumber going to take me back to her house, where I was staying. She knew I had to rest, so she kept on making sure he wouldn't keep me out for too long.

Miss you Iso - Jame Jame!

Spent a few days in T'bilisi. Jumber drove me everywhere, north, south, east and west of T'bilisi. I got to see Mschetta, the Georgian ancient capital - gorgeous. Met some of his good friends, great ppl. Many of them were gold medalist of some kind or Guinness Recordist. I went to a few dinners on their houses. Georgia was certainly the country I best ate. Tried all kinds of food, including some animals' brain. Also, had lots of beer and wine.

Jumber took me to a festival near Iso\s house. It was the last day; lots of young ppl, bads, art exposes, dancing and drinking. Georgians are very joyfull ppl; I'm affraid they take Brasil's title of happy ppl. They are always singgin' and dancing - before, during, and after drinking. They all seemed to know how to play an instrument or sing very well...great ppl. I no longer had Officer "whoever" on my mind. Georgians were great and they wouldn't stop feeding me or singging for me.

During dinners, they would always raise a toast...wait! No, they would always raise a hundred toasts.

A toast for friends, a toast for Jumber (his birthday and who he is), a toast to me, a toast to the other 2 guys...to me and the Brasilians...to Brasil...to the other 3 guys on the left...to me and Jumber...to the 2 guys and the 3 others on the left...to family...ppl that passed away...my frineds...our frineds...etc

Really! That many and more! Alwyas raising and drinking...funny guys!

Jame Jame Rodrigo! Here I go, eating and eating as much as I could. Georgian food is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Lots of cheese, salads, meat...I really miss it. Jumber went all the way top B'atumi's border w/ Turkey to make sure everything would go OK, and iot did. After visiting some of his toehr friends in the mountian area fo Georgia, and eating, drinking, and toasting some more...I left to Turkye.

Back to muslin...the end of Asia...a new sea - The Black Sea.

To be continued...

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  fdghfd Dec 23, 2007 7:27 AM

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