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I learned a lot today…

Saturday, 17 Jul 2010 | Views [289]

...a lot about the hazards of living in a tropical environment, new words, and a lot about myself as well (apparently I don’t handle pain as well as I thought I did): ·          Verma means worm in Portuguese…   I wish someone had recorded ... Read more >

Tags: the hazards of a south american life...

Researching – strenuous and rewarding!

Thursday, 15 Jul 2010 | Views [288]

The experiences that I am having while working on this project are exactly what I have envisioned that Rotary wanted for me…   Today we departed my little “hotel” (3 spare rooms upstairs that you can rent out and use their bathroom downstairs with ... Read more >

Tour of eucalyptus near Juiz de Fora, MG

Thursday, 15 Jul 2010 | Views [583]

I very much hope that I can convey to you(all) how priceless the experience of Rotary involvement has been for me.   Each time that I am able to interact with a Rotary person, it is a treat; a treat to watch the sun set in a different place than I ... Read more >

Tags: lap of luxury with rotary! (again!)

Eventful work

Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010 | Views [384]

“What have you been up to?”…   I guess with enough of these question, I should update this blog… Sorry!   When life takes off it is hard to take a minute to write about it!   So, see photos here of what I have been doing: http://www.facebook.... Read more >

Tags: big events, farm life

Studying is dangerous work...

Tuesday, 6 Apr 2010 | Views [317]

Hammock failed - right in the middle of a paragraph of a rather dull political paper - and as I suddenly sat there on the tile floor, 3 feet below where I started, I contemplated "what the hell am I supposed to be doing here anyway?" (then ... Read more >

Tags: no gain, no pain

Settling into the culture

Thursday, 25 Mar 2010 | Views [530]

I found a place, "Casa do Queijo" (House of Cheese), that is wonderful... Mineiros (people of Minas) specialize in cheese because there is a lot of farm land in the area and pasture land.  The typical cheese is "Quijo de Minas" (Cheese ... Read more >

Tags: daily life

At home now

Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010 | Views [395]

So I wrote the previous entry when I first arrived and have held off from posting it (so mom didn't worry and think I didn't live in a nice place).  I knew it was a shock that would pass quickly as I got settled in here in Vicosa.  I do think it is important ... Read more >

Tags: home

I am home and longing a bit to be "homeword bound"

Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010 | Views [412]

I am trying to be optimistic, but as you can probably tell then homesickness is setting in.  I was told this would happen, "the first month you are excited, the next period of time - different for everyone - you are homesick, then once you have ... Read more >

Tags: the next leg

Out living and loving it

Monday, 22 Feb 2010 | Views [467]

Hiking, Carnaval, Climbing, and no rest - "oh my": Let's start with Carnaval...  Wow.  Men as Women; Women as Angels in Glitter and Feathers; Men as Dracula and other gore inspired things, and then people as nothing in particular but just ... Read more >

Tags: all the best things in life...

Another week: more exploration, more comfort

Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 | Views [395]

I'm settling into things now, feeling more comfortable in my skin (tan and blending in now), speaking portuguese (progressing although less rapidly than I had hoped), and with the city (the basics have been mastered so onto the fun stuff...) When I ... Read more >

Tags: the city life

Still here but had an unexpected (and wonderful) adventure I would like to share

Saturday, 6 Feb 2010 | Views [329]

Thursday I traveled to the Christ Statue (Corcovado) and climbed my way to the top of the mountain that it stands on - it was perfect! My climbing partner spoke very little english (just a few climbing terms) so it was wonderful practice for conversational ... Read more >

Tags: trekking

So... What do you see when you walk out on the street from your apartment?/Roommate?/Yummy breakfast?

Thursday, 4 Feb 2010 | Views [440]

Well,... I live on a side street off of a pretty main street in Botafogo - an area that is primarily Cariocas (people of Rio).  The apartment is about 1200 square feet and is pretty nice for apartments in Brasil (correct spelling for when I am down here).... Read more >

Tags: and buses, apartments, beaches

Pre-departure (documents, planning, and packing)

Sunday, 27 Dec 2009 | Views [354] | Comments [1]

I am preparing for a great new adventure to Brazil.  My departure date is January 27th and I have so much to do!  Please keep an eye on this log, however, as once I get down to Brazil I will have plenty to write about: Language training in Rio de Janeiro ... Read more >

Tags: preparing for departure

Gallery: Iracambi photos

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Safe at Iracambi

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 | Views [416] | Comments [2]

I have made it to the farm in Minas Gerais. I am here working on grant applications as much as possible. We are very far away from any civilization and internet access is a little unreliable. The place is beautiful, and when the computers come back online, ... Read more >

Tags: mountains

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