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Wondering and Wandering I graduated. Now what? Do I live the life I never wanted to live? The one where I move to the city, get a job in a corporate cubicle, and slave away 60 hours a week for $40,000 a year? No thanks. How about 5 years down the road when I settle on a girl I don't truly love, buy the car I don't need, have the marriage that won't last, buy the home I can't afford? No thanks. I want to see things, I want to experience life in every way. This is the only life I've got, I might as well make the most of it and do something I won't foget. So here I am, travelling the world one step at a time. Where I'm going is yet to be decided, how long I'm there is up in the air, but one thing's for sure. Whatever I do, where ever I go, I'm going to be living. You can count on that.

my first day

IRELAND | Saturday, 20 January 2007 | Views [620] | Comments [6]

hmmmm, not the way i wanted it to start but hey, thats part of the fun. first of all, im sick. i feel it in my throat. no biggie, probably just from the plane. i walked about 8 miles, decided i didnt want to camp because its raining and that sucks. i caught a bus to limerick, bought a phone, and trekked around looking for the internet cafe that im presently sitting in. fyi, their keys are all screwy over here. the lady i am staying with tonight is picking me up at 8 pm when she gets off work, its currentlz 3 46. now i have to find the bus terminal so she can pick me up, its not where the busses dropped me off. my bag is too heavy, waaaaaaaayyyyyy to heavy. im not sure what i am going to do about the weight but i have to figure something out and figure it out soon. i wouldnt mind walking if it didnt weigh so much. what to ditch, what do ditch? i think its going to be my food, i dont need it. then its going to be some random stuff that i dont realllly have to have. i am tired and i want to go to sleep. everyone on this island smokes. limerick smells like a town engulfed in cigarette smoke and diesel fuel. id give you guys my number but i dont know it yet. will learn it soon. im off to the bus station now, will write again in a few days. i miss my friends and family and sanity of everyday life.

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I'm sorry you're sick. I hope the lady was kind to you, you're only a new boy to Europe. Tonight a few seniors had their "senior performance" and one of the girls sang "Kissing You"... I cried. Take care of yourself well, and make sure you are assessing all situations with a cautious eye... I know you will. Love, Jess.

  Jessica Jan 20, 2007 6:47 PM


Hey, Mr. Adventure, give me a call ASAP @ 068 24437 or on my mobile @ 087-134 0793. Hope you survive Limerick, for it can be a tough town, not to mention that trans-Atlantic flight really knock the sheight outta ye.

Cead mile failte!

  Caitlin Jan 20, 2007 10:54 PM


Hey Alex - Sorry the first day sucked. They can only get better right? We miss you. It is wierd not seeing your bronco in the driveway when I come home. I'm drinking your Scotch. Have fun in the pub tonite. Love Doug

  Doug Jan 21, 2007 2:17 AM


Hey Traveling Man. Live and learn, huh? That's all part of the experience. Soon the culture shock won't be so shocking. It was kinda funny tho - Mr. Tavern commenting on the smell of cigarettes. Ditch the food? OMG! Say it isn't true. Happy Trails. Love Jackie

  Jackie Jan 21, 2007 5:44 AM


He is not drinking your scotch! It is only 3:30 here and a bit early for the hard stuff. Take a breath and find balance. Miss you more than you know. Love, Mom

  Diana Jan 21, 2007 8:09 AM


Hey Mr. Adventure,
And so it starts. Sounds like the weather ther is like it is here, cold and wet. Find yourself some Vit. C tabs. Remember be true to yourself first while ther. Lokking forward to some great pictures if you ever get some good weather and a picturesque spot. Love ya', Dad

  Jerry Jan 21, 2007 3:32 PM

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