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Siwa, A Magnificent place to visit

Siwa, A Magnificent place to visit.

Egypt | Monday, January 14, 2013 | 5 photos

For a child who always dreamed to become a physicist and didn't become a one, I found my own world in Photography, unlimited imagination, attention to details and every aspect of the photo, as well as dealing with technical staff and optics, I couldn't ask for more!

I believe that photography is a form of communication, you decide what to communicate while standing behind the viewfinder just before pressing the shutter & you will always know the good pictures just before taking them and will remember your exact feelings.

I didn’t thought this entry is going to be that hard, I usually focus in my photos on the subject itself or the message to be delivered from one photo, now what this entry taught me is “Photos is not always about the details and composition, but sometimes it is about translating a whole movie of 30 minutes or so into just 5 frames with text”. What a difficult job is that! However, I am always in demand for learning, and If I got this scholarship, then there is a lot to learn regarding this specific skill and a lot more to do in order to enhance my story telling skills. And I am strongly sure it is time to pursue what I love & what I want to be.

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