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Siwa, A Magnificent place to visit

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When I was young, I always knew what I want to become. A scientist, with a dream of research and academic life. I had and still have a very knowledgeable background in Physics and chemistry, an unlimited imagination as well as extreme attention to details, I used to get all the prizes for school competitions in science and inventions, but as we grow we learn that sometimes things doesn’t work the same way you want. But to make the long story short I ended up working in the Marketing field of medical equipments.

I used to paint and sculpture when I was child, then I started photography at the age of 24 after I knew that my dream career will not come anytime in the future. And In photography I found the world I was searching for, unlimited imagination will always make me create new ideas, extreme attention to details will make me give attention to every aspect of the photo, and finally it is dealing with technical staff and optics (you remember I told you Physics was my favorite branch of science.) Therefore, what else I want? Despite the fact that I am currently somehow successful at what I am doing in the business of Medical equipments,  I am strongly thinking that I should change this and pursue a career in photography, and I should do it soon.

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