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The South American Dream A long time coming...

Will I ever leave Cartegena?

COLOMBIA | Saturday, 2 April 2011 | Views [1894]

Feeling the need for more beach time, I decided to head back to Cartegena and go to Playa Blanca again...white sand, blue water...what more could a girl want?!

I arrived in Cartegena 45 mins before the `party bus` was going to leave...good timing especially as I didn´t even know that was the plan for the evening!! Luckily through help of friends I managed to check in to my hostel, book in for the bus, change and get ready as well as eat dinner!  

The promise of as much free alcohol as you could drink didn´t actually come true, there were many who were disappointed with this.  However, the group was good and the party bus had a live band complete with an acordian, cheese grater and a drum! The sides of the bus were open and the bus colourful...a good night was had by all as we had our cultural view of the city with a local beverage in hand (ocassionally).

On the Monday our merry gang of 9 headed out to Playa Blanca...we managed to avoid the port tax by going via a beach instead and haggled our way to a fairly good deal and a slow boat over (good job we were all staying over night!)

We found a lovely place to stay with the best lighting and a great toilet with shells in...really good if you are living with no electricity, running water etc. It was family run and the kids were funny...the banana and chocolate pancakes were fantastic too I was told.

The main aim of our days was suntanning, reading, having a dip in the sea, fending off the salesmen (pina colada man, massage ladies, fish/lobster/prawn men, ice cream man, jewellery men, shell men, mango lady - you could basically get what you wanted and not have to move) as well as eating.

On our first night we stayed in a hammock, after that, we realised that the idea of staying in a hammock on a carribean beach sounds amazing but in reality its difficult to get a decent night sleep...you can´t get flat, I kept waking up because my heels were hurting...very strange! It is nice and cool and refreshing in the heat though.

The following nights Kelly and I shared a tent...it got very hot but there was a mattress, pillows, sheets...and we did get some cool air in!

The sunsets varied as there was some cloud but they were a highlight of the day, along with lazing on the beach and having ever whim catered for...except for the large amounts of sand which get EVERYWHERE!!

When the sun went down everything was dark as there was no electricity, only generators. Food took a while as it was cooked on open fires, but it always came together and was tasty.  The food was usually fish, rice and salad but there were some delicacies of pasta and pizza to be sought out.  I also had lobster on the last day....5 pounds for 2 baby lobster loving prepared in front of me...yum...such a tough life!!

Our boat journey back was less eventful as the last one but it was still rough and I didn´t feel well (its a good job I´m not taking the 5 day trip to Panama!!)

I have come back with a lovely tan, and a smile from a(nother) relaxing break! The plan was to go south straight away but when a friend says they were flying across the continent to visit how could I refuse?  This did give me a chance to eat the ice cream my friends had been raving about....

...check out the local clubs...

Spend some more time in the squares...

And drink some more cocktails at Cafe del Mar at sunset....perfect!

I finally leave Cartegena today, well I should be getting the bus later...

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