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Taiwan towards home

TAIWAN | Monday, 19 Mar 2018 | Views [230]

I arrived at bit worse for wear at 1 30am so took a pricey £25 taxi to the centralish hotel. At leather Reception was open. I awoke to noise outside around 8pm and staggered down for breakfast. I packed in a full day's sightseeing and enjoyed ... Read more >

Indonesia and Asia

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018 | Views [219]

The storms had abaited but the crew had troubles disarming one of the doors so after a long day waiting in high humidity we had another wait. The flight made up time so we got there as scheduled at midnight. A quick taxi ride to the maze of a street ... Read more >

Back to Oz

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018 | Views [227]

I got out of Christchurch just in time with a state of emergency called because of cyclone Gita which had flattened Tonga a week earlier approaching. The flight had a few bumps but wasn't too bad.  I picked up a worryingly new rental car, prayed ... Read more >

New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 19 Jan 2018 | Views [286]

The Virgin flight left late due to the non arrival of the Captain who was delayed on another incoming flight but once we left we made good speed to Auckland.  The forecast of showers underplayed the torrential downpour. With a 2 hours time difference ... Read more >

Down Under

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 3 Jan 2018 | Views [254]

My fliget arrived in Melbourne in the morning.  The car hire company sent me an Uber to take me to the suburban business Park pick up. There is discovered that this booking had been cancelled. It was only later that I remembered that I had made ... Read more >

Vietnam and down

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 19 Dec 2017 | Views [251]

Good morning Vietnam! Good evening actually. I should have stayed in town but thought it would be better to be close to the airport, 35km fromantic town. The next morning I took am shared taxi into town and dived into the main sights. I wasn't disappointed.... Read more >

Myanmar and Laos

MYANMAR | Monday, 11 Dec 2017 | Views [323]

China Eastern delayed us for 30 mins and worried me with their announcements about turbulence buthe I got to Mandalay safely and quickly. Given I only had a day i booked a driver for the day. The £30 was worather it if a bit rushed. Mandalay is ... Read more >

Beijng onwards

CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE) | Saturday, 18 Nov 2017 | Views [228]

Up early and on the bus to Tiananenman Square where security as expected is tight. I find it puzzling the Chairman Mao still has such a high profile. His face adorns a huge poster near the entry to the spectacular Forbidden City, built in the Ming dynasty.... Read more >


CHINA | Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017 | Views [335]

I was pleased to board the Air China flight to Chengdu which took off in rain and landed in rain and fog. It felt like come home to London with friendly passengers not all of whom could speak English next to me on the plane. Chengdu is a massive airport ... Read more >


NEPAL | Thursday, 19 Oct 2017 | Views [255]

I wasn't sure if i would be well enough to tralve but dozed up i got out of bed after an extremely restless night at 4am. The flight left slightly early just before 7am and the propellor plane climbed rapidly to climb over the close set mountains that ... Read more >


BHUTAN | Friday, 13 Oct 2017 | Views [351]

The flight into Bhutan's one and only airport Paro was every bit as exhilarating as promised. The place cruised at around 10000m just over the mountains and then veered rapidly right, then left, before descending rapidly down the valley and screeching ... Read more >

Sikkim and Darjeeling

INDIA | Monday, 9 Oct 2017 | Views [260]

It was a pleasure to fly over to Bagdogra - gateway to Sikkim after so many long jouneys on the road and rail.  It was a short taxi ride to our overnight digs in the scruffy town of Siliguri. For the second or third time our long booked hotel was ... Read more >

Shimla and the North

INDIA | Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 | Views [242]

From Udaipur we caught an overnight train back to Delhi sharing a comfortable 4 seater birth with a professional Delhi couple who were good fun. He has been working on top brands in western firms whilst she works for an Indian events company.  I ... Read more >

Jaipur and the Golden Triangle

IRELAND | Monday, 18 Sep 2017 | Views [198]

The rickshaw driver did not turn up at 4am as promised but fortunately I soon found another one to take me to the station.  The journey was in chair class which was not as good as First class and without refreshmenets unless you bought them.  ... Read more >

India - Delhi and Agra

INDIA | Friday, 15 Sep 2017 | Views [384]

The 8 hour flight to Delhi from London arrived at 11.30 so by the time we had cleared immigration which took 40 minutes or so and got a taxi to the hotel, it was 1.30am. I bullishly told Andy my travel buddy for this leg of the journey that I would be ... Read more >


USA | Thursday, 7 Sep 2017 | Views [215]

The flight from Vancouver to Toronto was fine although i was sad to be leaving Vancouver so soon.  We had to change at Toronto onto a smaller plane and on boarding we were soon informed that Boston airport was closed for an hour due to storms. An ... Read more >

The Rockies

CANADA | Thursday, 24 Aug 2017 | Views [252]

I finally got to bed at 1.30 am and woke up early with a groan but when I ventured outside, the view of the mountains was stunning and I was dying to get out and explore. After coffee with my new found German friend, and having already checked out ... Read more >

Quebec and the corridor

CANADA | Sunday, 13 Aug 2017 | Views [197]

The 18 hour train journey from Halifax to Quebec was wearing and I didnt get much sleep overnight. At least Canada Rail have decent wifi so the internet kept me occupied for half the time.  The trains are actually pretty comfortable and the catering ... Read more >

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

CANADA | Sunday, 6 Aug 2017 | Views [587]

The flight to St John's Newfoundland was a nice short one - about 5 hours. The weather forecast had promised 21 degrees but it was cloudy and cooler when we arrived. The countryside reminded me of Scotland and Ireland and ironically, I quickly discovered ... Read more >

Naples and the Amalfi Coast

ITALY | Thursday, 13 Jul 2017 | Views [511]

What a wedding!  Congratulations James and Corinna on organising such an amazing weekend for your friends to join and enjoy your celebration. The views over the Bay of Naples from the villa were incredible, and following a nice service in Naple's ... Read more >

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