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Where it all started...

SOUTH KOREA | Thursday, 17 July 2014 | Views [492] | Comments [2]

South Korea... Our home for the past few years... And boy, has it been eventful. 

When we came over to Korea, to teach English, both of us had the exact same goals.

                               1) Stay single.

                               2) Do ONE year abroad.

                               3) Get out! 

Korea had different plans for us though. 


On my first weekend in Korea, I met Robin. Granted, it was at a packed bar, and I don't think we said more than "hi" to each other. About 2 months later, we had our first date... Looking back, it was probably the worst date Robin has ever been on. I was supposed to meet Robin at the Pyeongtaek subway station, because he didn't know the way to my town. I didn't have a phone, so we organised a time, and I set off... Except, I missed the subway and ended up waiting about 40 minutes for the next one (they usually come every 5-10 minutes!!!). I got to Pyeongtaek station and found him waiting, unsure what to do, and he told me that he had decided that if I didn't arrive in the next ten minutes, he had been stood up and he would have gone back home. Anyway, I got there eventually... Then for our date ~ street pizza and apple pie shots. I was so desperate to carry through on my number 1 goal, that I organised this "date" at a bar with my military friends. Poor Robin spent the night surrounded by about 20 military guys. We still laugh about it (me more so than him hahaha). In May, we will celebrate our 3rd annivesary together.


And so, it has all been downhill from there. We both failed at our first goals, DEFINITELY failed at our second, and are finally, 2.5 years later, succeeding in our third goal. We have LOVED our time in Korea, and would recommend it to anyone, in a heartbeat! Teaching English in Korea is like being back in university again - a few classes everyday, your rent is paid and all you do is party with your friends. The difference is, that you earn a crapload of money too! You could come to Korea and have a huge blowout, or like us, you can do some serious saving. It's not that difficult to save around $1000 every month ~ we have been doing it, without really compromising our freedom much.


We have travelled all around Korea, and I will make a few posts about the different places we went. We have seen pretty much everything we want to see, and will have no regrets of things we should have done while here. It has been amazing!


So check out the specific places in Korea that we have been. 


서렁헤요!!! <3





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I'm sure that Robin will agree - you were definitely worth the wait xxx

  Amanda Pruissen Jul 21, 2014 7:44 PM


Thanks Mands <3 I hope so ;)
Can't wait to see you!!!!!! Love you long time! <3

  megandrob Jul 24, 2014 9:35 AM

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